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How Data Security Plus takes care of e-Perfects file monitoring and auditing needs

About e-Perfect IT

e-Perfect IT Limited is a business software solutions company headquartered in Sha Tin, China. The company offers SaaS solutions for various requirements such as a centralized clinic management system, a corporate task management system, and a medical card service management system.

Business challenge: Auditing file servers and ensuring data security

e-Perfect was looking for a solution that would help it monitor and audit its file servers and employees' computers. Being a company that provides services to other businesses, e-Perfect has to keep all its critical data secure and confidential, and ensure that it is not misused. This also requires monitoring their employees' web activity and endpoint activities including USB device usage to ensure adequate data security. After shopping around, the team at e-Perfect IT decided to give DataSecurity Plus a go.


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Comprehensive file server auditing using DataSecurity Plus

The team at e-Perfect IT was delighted to find that DataSecurity Plus is a one-stop, multipurpose data visibility and security solution. Joseph Lo, from the team, said, "DataSecurity Plus is the multifunction tool that we were looking for with file server auditing, USB device tracking, and web activity [monitoring], all for an acceptable price."

The solution helps the team monitor and audit all its file servers and user computers, and it conveniently displays information such as file activities, successful and failed file or folder access attempts, and more using graphs and charts that are easy to understand. What's more, DataSecurity Plus comes with robust data leak prevention and endpoint security monitoring features that helped the e-Perfect team ensure none of their critical information is being stolen or misused using endpoint devices such as USB drives.

The team was pleased that DataSecurity Plus' file server auditing capabilities worked beyond its expectations and happy that all these powerful functions came packaged as a single, cost-effective solution.

About ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a data visibility and security solution. It tracks and alerts on critical file modifications and movement across file servers, failover clusters, workstations, and USBs. Users can locate and analyze files containing PII and ePHI stored in Windows file servers, failover clusters, and SQL servers using using built-in data discovery rules. Its DLP capabilities help detect and respond to the exfiltration of sensitive data via USBs, email, printers, and more. It also provides detailed audit reports that help organizations streamline compliance with multiple IT regulations.

Companies like e-Perfect IT use DataSecurity Plus' File Analysis feature to locate and remove redundant, obsolete, and trivial data; manage duplicate files; and review access rights to sensitive files among many other capabilities.


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