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DataSecurity Plus makes file monitoring and management simple for Screening Eagle

About Screening Eagle

Screening Eagle Technologies, a software company headquartered in Switzerland, was created through the merger of Dreamlab in Singapore and Proceq in Switzerland. Its full-stack inspection solution combines intuitive software and powerful portable sensors to deliver reliable data for construction and asset maintenance decisions. Screening Eagle leverages artificial intelligence in its inspection software to provide powerful defect detection and analysis.

Business challenge: Analyzing files and folders for segregation

Screening Eagle had a lot of data stored in its on-premise environment that was not segregated according to file type. As a result, searching and file management was tedious. A laborious task for the company was searching for its source codes and other specific files that needed to be stored on Github and not on its servers.

Being a customer of ManageEngine already, Screening Eagle had no qualms about utilizing DataSecurity Plus as its file management solution.


Screening Eagle Technologies





File analysis made simple with DataSecurity Plus

DataSecurity Plus provides a comprehensive set of functionalities for file analysis and management. Using the solution, Screening Eagle is able to easily locate and isolate its source code files, which can then be uploaded to Github so that its servers remain clutter-free.

About ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus is a data visibility and security solution. It tracks and alerts on critical file modifications and movement across file servers, failover clusters, workstations, and USBs. Users can locate and analyze files containing PII/ePHI stored in Windows file servers, failover clusters, and SQL servers using built-in data discovery rules. Its data leak prevention (DLP) capability helps detect and respond to the exfiltration of sensitive data via USBs, email, printers, and more. It also provides detailed audit reports that help organizations streamline compliance with multiple IT regulations.

DataSecurity Plus equips companies in the software industry to search for redundant, obsolete, and trivial files from their servers that can be moved or deleted as necessary. The IT teams can also manage duplicate files, analyze their disk usage, as well as examine the security and access permissions of files and folders so that access permissions can be cleaned ensuring that no sensitive files are overexposed and at risk of data exploitation.


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