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Log360 Enables Guthrie Medical Group to Easily Audit Changes to its IT Infrastructure

About the Organization

Guthrie Medical Group is a nonprofit healthcare organization offering a full spectrum of health services ranging from primary care, behavioral health services, and surgical services, to pain management and hospice care. Guthrie has five hospitals, numerous specialty centers, and primary sites throughout New York and Pennsylvania. It provides healthcare services to more than a million patients every year. 

The organization has a sizable IT infrastructure which includes a robust electronic healthcare system that enables physicians and clinicians to gain a comprehensive view of patients' health and provide appropriate medical attention. Over a hundred technicians work to maintain and safeguard the organization’s IT infrastructure.


Guthrie Medical Group






Being a healthcare provider, Guthrie handles patients' critical information. To satisfy HIPAA and other compliance regulations, Guthrie must audit its network for all actions performed by various stakeholders. Guthrie’s previous security information and event management (SIEM) program processed the organization’s data and generated numerical reports only once a week, which made it difficult to comprehend the data or use it for real-time threat detection. 

The Solution

Deploying ManageEngine Log360 has helped Guthrie’s IT administrators protect their organization in several ways:

  • Maintains and enhances the security posture of Guthrie’s network by providing a comprehensive picture of critical events, such as account lockouts and password changes. IT admins can also view and respond to incidents based on user profiles. 
  • Identifies anomalous activities, analyzes, and spots the origin of trouble easily utilizing Elasticsearch, an open source, language-independent search engine.
  • Audits every change that occurs within the organization's environment thoroughly and continuously, and satisfies compliance requirements.
  • Provides detailed information through over 500 out-of-the-box reports about every aspect of Guthrie’s IT environment. It also offers a custom report builder to retrieve any information that is required from the network.
  • Simplifies identity management by automating user account management processes such as creation, deletion, and delegation. 

The Solution

After deploying Log360, the cybersecurity team at Sundt's Phoenix office was able to:

  • Tackle unique reporting requirements: Apart from out-of-the-box reports, Log360 provided Sundt the ability to create its own reports. This way, the company always knows about any incident that happens. When incidents take place, Malone immediately receives an automated email.
  • Analyze the root cause: With the use of the ElasticSearch feature, Malone's team can easily zero-in and drill down on any issue. This feature gives them the ability to drill down based on event ID, machine name, IP address, and so on. This way, the team can find out where the trouble originated and take the necessary steps for remediation.
  • Take immediate action: Log360 enables the IT security team to set threshold rules and conditions on all events that occur in their network, including critical security events. Malone can customize Log360 to receive instant alerts or even execute batch files in the occurrence of a breach.


Guthrie values the return on investment it has earned from Log360. For Guthrie, Log360 provides a comprehensive picture of the organization’s network infrastructure, and users report they enjoy using the product because of its easy-to-use interface. Guthrie is extremely satisfied with the assistance it has received from the ManageEngine Log360 technical support team to resolve minor issues surrounding the deployment in the company’s environment. 

Offering his feedback about Log360, Jake Reynolds, information security analyst at Guthrie, remarked, "Log360 is an all-in-one SIEM solution that provides exceptional bang for your buck."

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