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Tracking Windows Active Directory user logon
activity in real time.

ADAudit Plus ensures complete visibility into Active Directory, allowing you to track, respond to,
and mitigate malicious logon and logoff activity instantly. 


See how ADAudit Plus helps you monitor critical servers with real-time alerts.

  • Real-time alerts notify you immediately about possible malicious intent.
  • Alerts are categorized by Critical, Trouble, or Attention, so you can quickly identify the severity of an alert. You can also associate alerts with scripts for automated action.
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Learn how to setup instant notifications whenever any user with possible malicious intent logs on.

Tracking logon and logoff activity with ADAudit Plus.

With intuitive reports and real-time monitoring, ADAudit Plus provides insight into user behavior as well as potential attacks on your network.

adap-v2-hom-user-attendance adap-v2-home-logon-duration adap-v2-hom-user-logged-into-multiple-computers adap-v2-home-currently-logged-on-users adap-v2-home-remote-desktop-gateway adap-v2-home-unusual-logon-activity
  • User attendance
    Track employee attendance, active time, idle time, and the amount of time used productively on any computer within your environment.
  • Logon session duration
    See how long users have been logged on to computers.
  • Users logged on to multiple computers
    Get user-specific information on users who are logged on to multiple computers, along with the IP addresses and logon times.
  • Users that are currently logged on
    See an overview of who's logged on as well as how they logged on.
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
    If you have a Remote Desktop Gateway server in place, this report gives you in-depth specifics on successful and failed logons.
  • Unusual logon activity
    Leverage machine learning to track unusual volumes of logon failures, logon activity times, accesses to the host, and more.

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What our customers say

  • I highly recommend ADAudit Plus. Now, I can easily monitor user logons, file deletions / modifications, changes in AD and export them as reports. The friendly UI and product support before and after-purchase are excellent.

    Huseyin Akbaba

    Information Technologies, Rmk Marine

  • Thanks to ADAudit Plus, our daily task of file restoration and tracking owners of the File and Active Directory changes has reduced 85%.

    Matt Cranson

    Network Administrator, Morbark, Inc.

  • ADAudit Plus solved our challenge of tracking login information [based on the] location of field workers. Additionally, we now know who made what incorrect/accidental AD changes.

    Shannon Steffenson

    Network systems manager, Seattle Housing Authority

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