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An enterprise IGA solution for your hybrid Active Directory environment

ADManager Plus supports hybrid AD management and reporting, risk assessment, identity life cycle management, workflow orchestration, and integration with various enterprise applications to manage, govern, and secure enterprise identities.

  • Management
  • Reporting
  • Automation
  • Delegation
  • Workflow
  • Backup
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Standardize the execution of AD tasks
  • Monitor and streamline the AD operations performed across your organization using approval-based workflows.
  • Use AD Workflow as an IT compliance tool
  • Get a list of all requests that were created, approved, executed, or rejected so they can be verified during compliance audits.
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  • Auto-assign AD tasks to technicians
  • Set rules to automatically assign tasks to technicians based on action, domain, or priority.
  • Get real-time ticket statuses
  • Receive email or SMS notifications after each step of processing a request, i.e. when a request is created, reviewed, approved, executed, or rejected.

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  • AD Backup and Recovery
  • Protect against data loss disasters by creating backups of AD objects and recover them with all their attributes intact.
  • Azure AD Backup and Recovery
  • Backup Azure AD objects-like users, groups, devices, applications, domains, service principals, and directory roles and restore the objects entirely or only the specified attributes as and when required.
  • Google Workspace Backup and Recovery
  • Back up all the items in Gmail (including all emails, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks), Calendar, and User Drive data. Use these backups to restore any data when necessary, irrespective of when the data was deleted.

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Native AD tools vs ADManager Plus

Features Native AD tools ADManager Plus
Built-in report library and custom reports    
Rule-based account creation and modification templates    
Multi-approval workflow    
OU and group-based delegation    
Automated stale account cleanup    
Time-bound access management    
Customizable dashboard    
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ADManager Plus Trusted By

ADManager Plus Trusted

What our customers say

  • ADManager Plus is head and shoulders above the other products that we have used or evaluated. ADManager Plus allows us to keep up with the changes in AD, keep it clean and up to date with minimal effort. ADManager Plus is a tremendous time saver for our support engineers.

    Donald Storm
    Systems Engineer
    American Association for Cancer Research

  • ADManager Plus became our final choice because of its price, ease of use, ease of implementation and much needed feature set. ADManager Plus allows us to have more consolidated and centralized reporting across our diverse operating environment with regards to AD administration. The tool also allows us to delegate certain AD administration tasks more effectively and easily.

    Jason A. Kinder,
    Director - IT.
    DRS Defense Solutions

  • Just about the best piece of security software that would put a smile on any security administrator

    Jacinto Godinho
    Administrator: Quality Assurance and IT Security, Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait.

  • IT staff in small organizations do not have the time nor the in-house resources or expertise to be familiar with all the system admin requirements that are expected of them to securely and efficiently manage AD and all its intricacies. ADManager Plus saves time, requires a minimal learning curve and is a very intuitive product. Best of all it is a one stop shop for all my AD management needs. ADManager Plus is a time-saver application that provides a variety of informative and well-formatted reports.

    Philippe Moisa
    Director, Information Systems
    American Insurance Association

  • ADManager Plus's reporting has helped me out the most. With its useful reports, we could take some of the edge off SOX compliance. With ADManager Plus, I could run reports to make sure that we are staying within the compliance guidelines between audits.

    Brian Seka
    MicroComputer Analyst, Marmon/Keystone Corporation.
    Marmon/Keystone Corporation - A Century of Service.

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