Audit changes to Exchange mailbox properties

The Mailbox Property Changes reports are a collection of reports that audit, track and report on the changes made to the mailbox properties like message size restrictions, mailbox storage quotas, recently activated, deactivated or moved mailboxes. With such real-time reports configured to report on modifications, the administrator can be assured of a complete Exchange monitoring and tracking system in place. The report suite under this category includes:

Mailbox Quota Changes Report

  • Administrators use the mailbox storage quotas as a measure to control the current mailbox size and its future growth. Unauthorized changes can have consequences like prohibiting sending or receiving of mails or preventing a voice mail from being delivered correctly to a UM – enabled user.
  • This report lists mailboxes that have undergone a quota change, the users who have performed the change along with the change in quota values.

Message Size Restriction Changes Report

Message size limits set for a mailbox controls the size of messages a user can send and receive. Any attempt to change the size restrictions will be reported in this report with complete details of who has modified which mailbox.

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Mailboxes Activated Report

  • This report lists all the mailboxes that were created recently for new Exchange users with details of the user who created it.
  • Also shows the mailboxes that were disabled earlier and enabled now. Any accidental enabling of disabled mailboxes by a specific user will not be spared from this report.

Mailboxes Deactivated Report

  • Disabling or deleting Exchange mailboxes will deprive Exchange users from accessing their mailboxes.
  • Accidental or intentional deletion or disabling of mailboxes will be reported with details of the user who performed this action.

Mailboxes Moved Report

  • This report lists the mailboxes that were moved from one mailbox store to another and the user who performed this action.
  • Such mailbox moves that happen due to an upgrade, investigation or mailbox corruption should be tracked to ensure that it is being performed by users with right privileges.

  • Monitor and report on any changes made to the message size restrictions and mailbox quota limits.
  • Generate new reports in addition to the pre–configured reports and configure alerts for events that require immediate action.
  • Configure the reports to be mailed or export the reports to CSV, PDF, HTML or XLS formats.

Audit and report on all changes made to mailbox properties.

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