'Access denied' to Organization mailboxes for the user credentials provided in the 'Organization Settings' page.


The user credential provided under the ‘Organization Settings’ page or the one used for configuring Exchange Reporter Plus service does not have sufficient privileges to access the mailboxes in the Exchange organization.


The user credential provided in the above two locations must have some privileges to access the organization mailboxes. Verify if the user credential

  • Has a valid mailbox which is not hidden from the Global Address List.
  • Has logged-on to his/her designated mailbox at least once.
  • Has "Send As" and "Receive As" permissions on Organization Mailboxes.
  • Is a member of one of the following Groups
    • 'Exchange View only Administrator Group' if Exchange Server 2003 User
    • 'Exchange Organizational Administrator Group' if Exchange Server 2007 User
    • 'Organizational management Group' if Exchange 2010 User

Verify if the 'Exchange Server' under consideration is accessible from the machine where Exchange Reporter Plus is installed.


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