Diagnostic Logging configuration is required. If already configured, please wait till any events occur


Exchange Auditing requires the configuration of Diagnostic Logging across all Exchange Servers to access Mailbox Logon reports. This error occurs due to any of the following two reasons

  • Diagnostic Logging has not been configured due to the unavailability of PowerShell in the machine where the product is installed.
  • Diagnostic Logging has been configured but the desired audit event has not yet occurred.


  • To configure Diagnostic Logging, open Exchange Management Shell on any one of the Exchange Servers and execute the below command after replacing with the server name.
  • ‘%SERVER_NAME%\MSExchangeIS\9000 Private\Logons’ | Set-EventLogLevel -Level ‘Expert’
  • If the configuration is done, then the desired audit event would not have occurred. As a result there will be no data registered into the application logs. Please wait for any events to be recorded in the logs and for event collection to happen. In case of real-time events, data will be fetched immediately after the event has occurred.


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