No data currently available for the report. Please wait for events


The possible reasons for this error includes

  • The desired audit events have not occurred. Hence there is no data currently available.
  • The desired audit events have occurred. But the event collection is yet to happen.
  • The Event Log Policy settings is configured for a small log size and "Overwrite events as needed" is enabled.


  • Wait for the desired audit events to be recorded in the event logs. Exchange Reporter Plus will sweep through the logs periodically and will fetch the available data from the logs.
  • Exchange Reporter Plus has a default ‘Event Fetch Interval’ of 2 hours for collecting the data from the logs periodically. Manually initiate the event collection process by clicking on the ‘Run Now’ link to immediately collect the data. For real-time events, there is no need to initiate the event collection manually. The data will be collected once the events are recorded to the logs.
  • Ensure that the event log size is large enough so that the event log data will not get lost.


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