How do I pass the SOX compliance audit using Exchange Reporter Plus?

A few weeks back, we discussed how Exchange Reporter Plus helps you comply with various regulatory mandates. There are several industry regulations on messaging compliance that you need to adhere to, to ensure your email data is secure.

What is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)?

SOX primarily deals with the protection of financial information. It doesn't directly refer to emails, but you still need to ensure that an email containing financial data is transferred securely.

Some requirements of SOX include:

  • IT infrastructure auditing
  • Change management
  • Access control

Exchange Reporter Plus helps you comply with SOX with these reports:

  • Monitor user logon activity
  • Audit activated and deactivated mailboxes
  • Track mounted and dismounted Exchange databases
  • Detect failed OWA logon attempts
  • Locate messages based on keywords in their content
  • Track changes to:
    • Mailbox storage quotas
    • Message size restrictions
    • Hub transport settings
    • Send and receive connectors
    • Circular logging

If you work in the finance sector, you can use Exchange Reporter Plus to comply with SOX and ensure data security.

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