How to import users into ServiceDesk Plus from LDAP

  • The first thing you do to kickstart the ServiceDesk Plus application is add users into it.
  • There are four different ways to do this. You can import from Active Directory, from a CSV File, from LDAP, or you can also add manually.
  • Let's see how to import from LDAP. Here, we need to add a new domain. The domain controller name should be in the format LDAP:IP address of the domain controller, and the port number. For a secure LDAP service, the port number is 636. The user name's format is common name=name of the administrator, CN=the organizational unit where the admin is located in the directory servers, followed by the domain name and domain suffix.
  • Base DN is the organizational unit's path within the directory service. In Search Filter, enter an attribute within LDAP, like mail, to filter and fetch users who have mail configured. Selecting the LDAP Server Type will populate the default login, mail, and distinguished names. Save the configuration settings.
  • Now, import the users. If you have multiple directory services, you can add them and import similarly. Enabling this option will allow users to use LDAP credentials and automatically disable the AD Authentication.
Resources for further reading

Resources for further reading