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Enhancing the American landscape

Established in 1939, The Brickman Group is in the business of enhancing the American landscape. It has over 160 branches serving 29 states, and it employs a strong workforce of 10,000 employees. Founded on a family tradition of service, The Brickman Group is driven by a passion for delighting customers, consistently exceeding their expectations.

Identifying the need

The Brickman Facility Solutions division of The Brickman Group started to feel that good help desk software was needed to handle its growing needs.

"As we grew, we understood that the Microsoft SharePoint web forms we used were insufficient; we needed better capabilities for reporting and integration with our other software systems, and hence we chose SupportCenter Plus," said Adam Doyle, IT director of The Brickman Group.

With the company growing, customers being added at a steady rate, and approximately 800 tickets being added every day, Doyle and his team found it increasingly difficult to handle customer requests through SharePoint web forms. This led to a search for customer support software that could manage customer emails better and automate routine tasks.

Finding the solution

"We evaluated other support solutions like Salesforce. But we found SupportCenter Plus was very brief and needed a very short time frame to deploy," said Patricia Reisch, call center manager of Brickman Facility Solutions.

During the help desk selection process, Reisch and her team conducted a needs analysis that reviewed both client and technician requirements. They also did statistical extrapolations to study future business load.

Reisch and her team evaluated various software on the market. They found that SupportCenter Plus addressed their needs more comprehensively. Reisch said her team liked it instantly because it was no-frills software that was easy to deploy into production within a few hours.

Doyle said, "We evaluated other support software before choosing SupportCenter Plus. All the other support products were way too expensive, and the biggest factor was the offering seems to line up as far as the features, and the price was probably the deciding factor to go for SupportCenter Plus."

Prior to SupportCenter Plus, we were using dozens of spreadsheets, and SupportCenter Plus replaced all our tedious incident tracking processes.
- Patricia Reisch, Call center manager, Brickman Facility Solutions.

SupportCenter Plus offered a great product at a competitive price that made the purchase decision easier. Reisch said that SupportCenter Plus is cost-effective compared to the other vendors on the market.

Streamlining the incident tracking process

Reisch said, "Prior to SupportCenter Plus, we were using dozens of spreadsheets, and SupportCenter Plus replaced all our tedious incident tracking processes. With SupportCenter Plus, we now have the ability to control incidents and easily reassign them when they come in, and there is improved visibility of incidents across the organization. We also found tracking history as a key feature that helped us the most."

Tracking incidents for a company that has a large customer base is difficult. Reisch and her team systematically set up the workflow with business rules, contracts, and service-level agreements (SLAs) that helped streamline the processes. With SLAs in place, they were able to separate requests that needed urgent attention from those that did not.

The company also extensively used the reporting module. The ability to query and report on any stored data and draw relevant information helped the Brickman Facility Solutions division better understand the changing trends in customer engagement. The reports were scheduled to be sent to the managers at regular intervals, thereby distributing the information in an organized manner.

Outstanding support

Another factor that made the decision to purchase SupportCenter Plus easy was the great technical support Reisch and her team received.

"It was great. I would give it a 9/10," said Reisch.

Be it the demo, help with configuration, or a work-around for an issue, the support team always takes care of customers' needs. At ManageEngine, the outstanding support staff strive to provide a superior customer experience.

Long-term association

The Brickman Group is a satisfied customer, and its decision to go with SupportCenter Plus has improved the efficiency of its own support staff. It is convinced that the decision to go with SupportCenter Plus was a big leap forward in terms of the technology outlook of the company. Riding on the success of SupportCenter Plus, the company is planning to extend its use to other divisions.

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