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Investigate your SharePoint environment using Object Explorer

SharePoint Manager Plus' Object Explorer is indispensable for SharePoint administrators. By presenting the architecture of your SharePoint environment in a tree view, Object Explorer provides complete visibility. This helps you navigate the SharePoint farm, web applications, site collections, sites. All you need to do is click on any object to view their contents.

Object Explorer's panoramic view lets you view and manage SharePoint and Office 365 objects from a single window. This helps you monitor, audit, and secure your SharePoint environment that would otherwise be displayed and managed on multiple consoles.

View and analyze properties and permissions of SharePoint objects

Object Explorer lets you view the properties and security permissions of your SharePoint Sites. For instance, clicking on a site displays its type, title, URL, date of creation, and when it was last modified, along with details of the users who can access it and their permission levels.

You can also view the objects that break inheritance from their parent objects and the unique permissions assigned to them. Using this information, you can find groups and objects that have illicit permissions and revoke their access, centrally monitor and track accesses to sites, and make other crucial decisions to improve SharePoint management.

Manage and secure your SharePoint environment with Permission Reports

Knowing both the placement of a file and its properties helps you make informed decisions about SharePoint management and security. Permission Reports can be used in a SharePoint environment to investigate the following:

  • Inherited and unique permissions of SharePoint objects.
  • Location and composition of site collections, sites, files, and folders.
  • Date of creation and last modification of any site, list, and document libraries.
  • Permission level controls of crucial and collaborated files.

Quickly navigate between your SharePoint farm, web applications, site collections with the object explorer tool.

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