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SharePoint Online Usage Analytics Tool

SharePoint management often raises a number of questions regarding what type of information users are looking for. This may include:

  • How many search queries were performed in a day?
  • Is the recently published content popular?
  • What is the average number of hits for a specific SharePoint site?

Pouring over volumes of data to answer these questions just isn't practical. Instead, save time and keep track of all necessary information with comprehensive SharePoint Online traffic analytics report from SharePoint Manager Plus, the SharePoint management, auditing, reporting, and monitoring component of AD360, our unified IAM solution.

SharePoint Online usage reports

Whether you need to gather general statistics about your users' SharePoint Online activity or you just want to see which content is the most popular, SharePoint Manager Plus' usage report gets you the information you need. Want details about how many hits each SharePoint site received? The Site Collection by Month report in SharePoint Manager Plus can help.

The SharePoint Online traffic reports allow you to quickly skim through and get the information you need with important statistics on traffic, including:

SharePoint Site collection traffic

Site collection traffic

View the number of hits a SharePoint site collection receives in a month and in a day. The report provides details such as the site collection's name and URL, as well as the number of hits and unique visitors. 

SharePoint Site traffic

Site traffic

See the number of hits a SharePoint site receives in a month and in a day. The report provides details such as the site URL and the name and URL of the site collection to which the site belongs, as well as the number of hits and unique visitors.

SharePoint Search queries

Search queries

View the number of hits a search query gets in a month and in a day.

Get actionable insights on SharePoint site usage

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