Secure your
Active Directory against unauthorized changes

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Simplify AD management, ensure accountability, and boost security

Most organizations struggle with tracking Active Directory changes and checking whether the changes were authorized. The Active Directory Change Manager, part of ManageEngine's Integrated Solutions suite, enables you to establish granular controls for AD management, define approval-based workflows for AD changes, audit the changes in real time, and receive real-time notifications for unauthorized changes.

What you can do with Active Directory Change Manager.

  • Granulary control who can make what change in AD by defining custom policies. 
  • Assign users administrative privileges that are restricted to the solution’s virtual boundary—no need to change native AD permissions.
  • Use approval-based workflow rules to streamline AD change management, and completely eliminate accidental and unauthorized changes in AD.
  • Let users perform all administration activities through the solution’s web-based console. Receive email and SMS notifications whenever a change is made directly in AD. 
  • Use built-in reports to audit user activities, and get meaningful insights into the current state of your AD. 

How it works


A change is made
in Active Directory. 


The solution captures this information from the Windows Security Log in real time.


The solution checks whether the change was done using its management console. 


If not, an alert is immediately raised, and the incident can be addressed before it's too late.




    Minimize your threat surface area with a single-pronged AD management approach.


    Prevent intrusions into AD by shifting all administration activities to a web portal that is two-factor authentication-enabled.


    Validate whether AD changes are trustworthy with real-time auditing.


    Limit damage to AD by instantly detecting unauthorized changes.

Reduce Active Directory attack surface.

Get real-time alerts for unauthorized changes.

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