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Bandwidth Monitoring

Why You Need a Network Bandwidth Monitor?

It's not a luxury anymore to choose to have a real-time bandwidth monitoring software , it's a necessity, and your unmonitored bandwidth usage and degrading application performance calls for it. Many companies face the following issues: clients and employees moan about slow response times of a particular application or product. Solving this challenge is often more difficult than generally assumed. Is it the core router or the department switch? Are the disks slow or does the server need more CPU-power? Are the leased lines the bottleneck, or are there applications which are hogging up more than allotted bandwidth?

For a quick and accurate analysis of the above said problems, you need a network traffic monitoring solution with integrated bandwidth monitor that analyzes the traffic in your network and provides you with detailed results - tables and graphs.

Impact of Network Bandwidth on Your Business

Understanding network bandwidth and resource utilization is the key to better network management. In order to achieve this, you need to take care of the following:

  • Avoid bandwidth and network performance bottlenecks.
  • Find out what applications are using up your bandwidth.
  • Deliver better quality of service (QoS) to your users by being proactive.
  • Reduce operational costs by increasing the bandwidth and hardware according to actual load.

Bandwidth monitoring with IT360: Manage Your Network Bandwidth to Maximize Performance

In large enterprises, unmanaged bandwidth cause inappropriate applications to take priority over critical business applications during peak hours. IT360 is enabled with quick real-time bandwidth monitoring.. ManageEngine IT360 shows you exactly what applications have been utilizing the bandwidth during peak hours, and lets you drill down to see the top hosts using those applications. This helps in controlling bandwidth usage and enforcing better policies across the enterprise.

Set up IT360 for Regular Bandwidth Checks

business service

You can setup IT360 quickly and easily and you will have the first bandwidth monitoring results within minutes. IT360 provides extensive bandwidth monitoring reports for each interface that shows the current, average, and peak bandwidth usage patterns across each IT360`s Traffic module-enabled interface. With these bandwidth usage statistics, you can get instant visibility into how much bandwidth was used up by hosts, applications, and conversations across these specific interfaces. You can view these bandwidth usage details from under "Networks –» Network Traffic". Look at the figure below:

Historical Bandwidth Usage Trends:


IT360 allows you to view the bandwidth usage over a period of time. Bandwidth monitoring trends shows the usage patterns and traffic trends across a day, week, month, and a year. With such statistics, you can analyze how bandwidth is being used in your network, and decide if you need to increase available bandwidth. You can view this under the Destination tab, as shown below:

Application-wise Bandwidth Distribution:

You canmonitor bandwidth utilized by different applications. IT360`s Traffic module gives you instant visibility into which applications are using up maximum bandwidth. In addition, you can view the top sources, destinations and conversations using the bandwidth, thereby achieving network troubleshooting and problem resolution in less time. You can view this under the Application tab (See the above figure).

Consolidated Bandwidth Usage Summary:

A summary report that contains details such as the bandwidth utilized and the overall bandwidth usage statistics for a WAN link, is available. With this, you can monitor bandwidth usage patterns in real time.


The Benefits of having Bandwidth Monitoring

  • Provides a network administrator with the biggest advantage of simplicity in monitoring activity.
  • Provide time and effort savings by avoiding probing into issues.
  • Meaningful data output that can be used for diagnosing and troubleshooting bandwidth bottlenecks.
  • With respect to the IT spend, fulfills the theory; the better the optimization, the lesser the bandwidth expense.
  • Historical trends and reporting allows administrators to manage the capacity properly for better user-experience during the peak hours.

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