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Cisco WAAS Reporting

In general, enterprises have their branch offices in different parts of the World and obviously depend on their network for communication, such as accessing information through email, file service, intranet and other portals, etc. The connecting nerve of the different business centers in an organization is the WAN. Hence, any delay or dormancy of the WAN link between the data center and the remote users would heavily hit business productivity. It is therefore very critical to ensure application availability at all times with minimum overhead in terms of cost.

Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is an approach that allows consolidating of infrastructure in the data center while providing application acceleration and WAN optimization capabilities, thereby optimizing your network performance over WAN. It can simply be defined as the secure, scalable, and simple central management framework that allows you to easily manage a consolidated infrastructure.

Cisco WAAS is a compact, cost-efficient technology from Cisco that accelerates applications, optimizes bandwidth and ensures performances on par with LAN and WAN.

Cisco WAAS Central Manager

The Cisco WAAS Central Manager is a scalable, secure, and simple function that manages the Cisco WAAS. It provides a centralized mechanism for configuring features, reporting, and monitoring. It can manage a topology containing thousands of Cisco WAAS nodes. The Central Manager GUI allows you to centrally configure, manage and monitor a WAE or a group of WAEs that are registered with the WAAS Central Manager. It has all the information regarding compression ratios. The Central Manager can be accessed using a web browser. It is possible to view these compression reports from anywhere in the World.

What IT360 does with the Cisco WAAS?

ManageEngine IT30 with the Traffic module provides support for Cisco WAAS and generates easy-to-understand reports on Cisco WAAS. They help you in knowing the effectiveness of WAAS implementation in your network.

Cisco WAAS reports in NetFlow Analyzer consist of the following:

  • Accelerator groups:
    Lists the group names with bandwidth reduction information, in percentage, the current online/offline status and a brief description. This gives a complete view of the current devices with vital statistics to ensure effective implementation of WAAS.
  • Top 10 WAEs by Compression:
    This displays graphically the top 10 WAEs and gives reduction percentage, compressed traffic, WAN traffic and LAN traffic, all at a glance. Hence, you can quickly understand the current state of WAEs in a short period of time.
  • WAE devices List:
    Lists all WAE devices, along with their IP address, status, location and MAC address. In addition you can view some vital statistics like:
    • Application reduction
    • Bandwidth reduction by location
    • Bandwidth optimization trend
    • Pass through summary trend
    • WAE connection statistics

Benefits of Cisco WAAS Reporting

  • Enhanced user experience for important business applications delivered over the WAN, thereby increasing productivity.
  • Minimizes WAN bandwidth cost.
  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Ensures high performance of business critical applications.

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