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Cloud Monitoring

Cloud-deployed application monitoring

Due to the dynamism involved in managing Cloud resources, setting up end-user experience monitoring can become a tedious, resource-intensive and error-prone process. Any idea about what today's cloud users are asking for? The answer is a more agile, responsive cloud monitoring solution that is readily adaptable to the full range of cloud options that firms may access to effectively monitor the business-critical cloud hosted applications. Eventually, the cloud ecosystem is becoming richer, more varied, and more powerful.

Many IT organizations are moving a portion of their IT infrastructure to cloud, in order to improve flexibility and scalability of IT services, delivered to the end users. Public cloud services, such as those provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allow companies to rent virtual computers, on which they run their own applications and services. It is important to continuously monitor these cloud hosted applications, in order to ensure that they perform at expected levels at all times, and also to ensure that the cloud resources are being effectively utilized. Let ManageEngine IT360 be a partner in harnessing that power to meet the diversified business needs of enterprises, more effectively.

Pick ManageEngine IT360: Monitor any Cloud or Data Center

IT360 provides a toolkit designed for today's cloud users and today's cloud environment. The IT360 cloud monitoring solution allows various application components such as Application servers, Databases, Servers, VMware, Web transactions, etc. to be monitored in real time. Latency and other problems can be detected at an early stage and resolved, before they escalate into severe unresponsiveness or even a system crash.

IT360 supports cloud monitoring of the most popular providers, including Amazon EC2 Monitoring and Amazon RDS Monitoring. It extends an uninterrupted monitoring of Amazon EC2 and RDS instances and provides insight into the health and performance of these instances to IT administrators. The comprehensive performance metrics and in-depth graphs allow you to ensure that your business-critical applications hosted on the Amazon cloud are performing at optimal levels and can detect and resolve problems in a timely manner. You also gain visibility into the resource utilization of your cloud infrastructure, which in turn helps in capacity planning. With out-of-the-box reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds and comprehensive fault management capabilities, you can ensure your vital cloud resources are continually operational.

Cloud Monitoring Competencies of IT360

IT360 supports the below listed cloud services. It automatically discovers all EC2 and RDS instances, under your Amazon account. You can then enable monitoring, for those instances, as per your requirement.

  • Amazon EC2 Monitoring: IT360 automatically discovers all the EC2 instances present in your Amazon account and monitors their availability, health and key performance metrics. It also provides performance statistics of the Amazon EBS volumes attached with the EC2 instances.
  • Amazon RDS Monitoring: IT360 keeps track of the health, availability and performance of Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances. The various performance metrics include; CPU utilization, Database Connections, Network Traffic, Network Latency, etc.

Look at the below figure that shows the different monitored Parameters of the Amazon EC2 and RDS instances:


Benefits of IT360s` Cloud Monitoring

  • IT360 enables high performance business process management, by detecting and diagnosing problems of cloud applications, faster.
  • Eliminates complexity by automating the process of monitoring your dynamic Cloud resources.
  • Helps in cutting down of time-consuming setups, thus acting as a user-friendly cloud monitoring solution to the IT managers and system administrators around the world
  • Acts as a time-saving server monitoring setup and allows for deep, process level monitoring and detailed performance analysis.
  • Maintains historical data on each virtual server's start and stop and performance data, thus enabling failure and root cause analysis.
  • The Amazon EC2 and Amazon RDS cloud monitors allow you to monitor the number of running instances, installed software, and other parameters, thus smoothing the configuration management of large numbers of servers in the cloud.
  • By providing a customized, independent audit of SLAs (service level agreements), IT360s' cloud monitoring increases the credibility of Cloud computing providers' claims, which ultimately benefits both users and the industry, as a whole.

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