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Distributed Architecture

What is Scalability?

In simple form, scalability is about doing more of something. Scaling a product is all about allowing more people to use it. This could be achieved by designing a product that increases the number of end-users, with the least additional expenditure to upgrade it.

A scalable system would be one that can start with just a few resources, but can easily expand to thousands of resources. Scalability is a very important feature with respect to IT management, because it means that you can invest in that product with confidence you won't outgrow it.

Shrink-To-Fit: Designing Scalable IT Infrastructure

ManageEngine IT360 provides an effective solution for Enterprises with its Distributed Architecture for higher scalability. It is designed as a Central Server - Probe model, where the Central Server is installed in your NOC/HQ/DC, while the Probes are installed in multi-site instances, for higher scalability.

This scalable architecture is modeled to handle multiple domain environments. So what's more..!! You can build small and ramp up gracefully to a high scale deployment, when the time is right. The highly scalable distributed architecture of the IT360 is designed in such a way to meet performance and scalability needs of mid-large level enterprises. Moreover, it is designed to provide both vertical and horizontal scalability.

Scalability and Performance

ManageEngine IT360 offers a centralized console to propagate application/server/network/storage events across remote sites. It supports wide industry standard protocols, with out-of-the-box device monitoring templates. The central-probe communication occurs over Internet or WAN links across firewalls / proxy servers. IT360 offers support for fault management, configuration management, service provisioning, performance management, reporting, and security management.

IT360 comprises of different functional modules (Servers & Applications, Networks, Storage and Traffic) that are intended to meet high performance needs of various Business Applications. The product offers multiple ways to configure and tune the performance of the entire business application.

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