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Experience Monitoring

End-User Experience Monitoring

What is Generally Expected from an End-User Monitoring Tool?

In order to reckon as an end-user experience monitoring tool, it should be able to track the response times that real users experience whenever they visit a site. Specifically, the tool should enable IT operations to ensure that the real end users of an application or product are experiencing good performance. There is a statement: "speed solves a lot of problems", but even then if your usability is not perfect - if it runs fast - people are less likely to notice.

ManageEngine IT360 - End-User Experience Management

ManageEngine IT360 End-User Experience Management solutions help you understand and improve the experience customers have, when interacting with your Enterprise Internet Services and hosted Web Services. The proactive monitoring of the real user experience helps you identify performance issues, understand user and customer behavior, and improve web application performance. More specifically, IT360 End-user Experience Management solutions provide you the visibility you need to:

  • Find out web application problems before they impact end users.
  • Manage and demonstrate Service Level Agreement Compliance.
  • Predict which applications and components are causing performance problems.
  • Diagnose the root cause of performance problems in a fast manner.
  • Analyze user productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Understand real user demand for applications.
  • Receive 24/7 support with the assurance that our highly skilled support team is available, whenever you are in need of assistance while monitoring your critical applications.

IT360- Supported End User Transactions or Internet Service Protocols

With regard to end -user experience monitoring, IT360 supports the following elements:

  • HTTP / HTTPS : Includes support for Web Application
  • POP
  • SMTP
  • Mail Server Round Trip Time
  • FTP
  • Telnet/SSH
  • Web Server Response Time
  • TCP Port Checks
  • ICMP - Ping
  • Application Server & Web Server Response Times
  • Database Query and Connection Times
  • SOAP Web Services checks
  • Custom Scripting that helps integrate custom application checks

How End-User Monitoring is achieved from Branch Offices?

ManageEngine IT360 allows you to measure the end-user experience of business-critical services, such as DNS, LDAP, Ping and Mail server, from enterprise branch offices, or even the exact customer locations. These proficiencies enable the IT administrators to accurately predict the performance level of their business-critical services for their end users. In case of any performance issues, they can quickly take steps to address them.

Benefits :

  • Detect application performance problems early, with no overhead on your application environment.
  • Troubleshoot application performance problems faster.
  • Ensure the speedy performance of web-based business transactions.
  • Eradicate "finger-pointing" among IT teams, concerning the source of application performance problems.
  • Understand and address usage and performance trends for your business-critical applications.
  • Detect unauthorized or anomalous usage of network and server resources.

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