APM Insight - An Overview

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

APM Insight (previously J2EE Transaction Monitoring) gives you visibility into the way your applications behave for your end users. You get comprehensive end-to-end transaction awareness across your entire infrastructure, enabling you to isolate performance issues and resolve them quickly. Drill-down to the root cause of problems quickly and perform first-level troubleshooting.

With so many different metrics being produced by the wide range of business applications, how can one normalize performance and assemble information into something meaningful to the end users? APM Insight offers visual representations of performance metrics of all components starting from URLs to SQL queries, Apdex scores to measure user satisfaction and transaction tracing.

You can view the trace history of transactions to help identify and resolve performance degradation no matter where they originate. Further, to identify bottlenecks in performance, a trail of the Java method invocations can be viewed to identify the offending code.

Browse through the following topics to understand the working of APM Insight:

  1. How Does APM Insight Work?

  2. Installing APM Insight Agent for Java

  3. Installing APM Insight Agent for Ruby

  4. Installing APM Insight Agent for.NET
  1. APM Insight Configuration Options

  2. APM Insight Dashboard

  1. Associating APM Insight Monitor with Customer/Site [Applicable for MSP Edition only]:

To accomplish this, do the following:

  1. In the address bar, type the following URL in the specifed format and hit Enter:

<Protocol>://<MSP Probe hostname>:<port>/showresource.do?method=getMonitorForm&type=All&haid=<Site ID>
Site ID is the identity of the site to which the APM Insight monitor is to be associated]

Example: https://testprobe:8443/showresource.do?method=getMonitorForm&type=All&haid=10060

  1. In the page displayed, select the APM Insight monitor from the Available Monitors list
  2. and click the Associate and go back button.

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