Configuring Device Dependencies


This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition [Probes only] and MSP Edition [Probes only].

Dependencies: They determine the health/availability of a Monitors. They consist of the dependent parameters of the Monitor based on which the severity of the health and availability are determined.  

Alarm Rules: They determine the health/availability of Monitors Groups.

Dependent Devices: You can configure a dependent device in such a manner that if the availability of the dependent device is down, all the Monitors/Monitor Group's availability under the dependent device will be down. Also, you have the option of supressing all the alarms, caused by the dependent device.


By configuring dependencies, you can specify whether the health or availability depends on all, or few dependencies. The severity is also determined by order of severity which is given below;

  1. Critical

  2. Warning

  3. Clear

For example, if there are 9 dependencies in a Business Service, where 3 are critical, 3 are warning, and 3 are clear, and the severity of Health of the Business Service is based on any three selected dependencies, then the severity will be Critical, as per the order of severity.

Steps to Configure Dependencies for a Monitor

  1. Click on the My Dashboard tab that lists all the Business Services.

  2. Click any of the Server or Application Monitor Types under the Infrastructure Snapshot-Servers or Infrastructure Snapshot-Applications widget.

  1. From the list of all monitors displayed under the selected Monitor Type, click any of the Monitors link, for hich you wish to configure the polls. The Overview page of the monitor is displayed.
  1. Click the Configure Alarms link under Today's Availability.

  1. In the Configure Alarms window displayed, choose Health from the Attribute combo box.

  2. Enable the Configure actions at Attribute level checkbox, to apply the configured dependencies to the monitors, of type similar to the selected one.

  3. Configure dependencies: Select and move the required attributes from the left box to the right box using > button. By default, all the dependencies for the attributes of the monitors are added in the right box;

  1. Click Save to complete configuring dependencies. Click Save and Configure Another to complete configuring dependencies and start a new configuration. Click Remove Configuration to delete the configured dependencies.


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