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This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

IT360 automatically discovers all EC2 and RDS instances, under your Amazon account. You can then enable monitoring, for those instances, as per your requirement.

Monitored Parameters:

Amazon accounts are monitored, based on the parameters or the attributes, listed below. These attributes provide detailed information about the functioning of the Amazon account. You can also configure thresholds to the numerical attributes, based on these details, and get notified, when the thresholds are violated.

In the Servers tab, click on the drop down icon. The drop down list shows the list monitors. Click on the Amazon monitor, from the list.

You would see the following;

To view detailed performance metrics of the Amazon instance, click on the corresponding monitor. These metrics are categorized into 2 different tabs for easy understanding. The below is the explanation of the metrics, shown in these tabs;


1. Instances:

This tab provides a high-level overview of your Amazon account, as well as the information about the EC2 instances, present in this account. 



Monitor Information


The name of the Amazon account.


Denotes the type, you are monitoring.


Denotes the health (Clear, Warning, Critical) status, of the Amazon account.

Total EC2 Instances Running

The number of EC2 instances, running in the account.

Total EBS Volumes in use

The number of EBS storage volumes, currently in use.

Total RDS Instances The total number of RDS instances, present in the account.
Last Polled at Specifies the time, at which the last poll was performed.
Next Poll at Specifies the time, at which the next poll is scheduled.
Today's Availability Shows the overall availability status of the account for the day. You can also view 7/30 reports and the current availability status of the account.
EC2 Instances

Instance ID

The unique identifier of the EC2 instance.

Region Name The region, where this EC2 instance is running.
State The current state of the instance. The values include running, stopped, shutdown and terminated.
Platform The OS, on which the instance is running.
Monitoring Denotes whether CloudWatch monitoring is enabled for this instance.
Public DNS Name The DNS name, associated with the instance.

You can perfom the following admin actions on the EC2 instances;


2. RDS Instances:

This tab provides details about the RDS Instances, present in the Amazon account.



Instance ID

The unique identifier of the instance.

Region Name

The region, in which the RDS instance is running.

State The current state of this instance. The possible values for this field are available, creating, failed, rebooting, etc.
DB Engine Name The name of the database engine, associated with this instance.
Allocated Storage The storage space, allocated to this instance, in Giga Bytes.


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