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This section is common to all the editions of IT360, as per the below constraints;

Real Browser Monitor (RBM) provides live End-User experience measurement. RBM opens up a Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser and monitors a web application, just like how a real user sees it. It supports playback from different geographical locations.

For e.g., if you have different users, login to your application from UK, US, Germany, Australia etc, you can monitor their experience from a central IT360 Server. You could have the IT360, running in a data center in India, and have the Real Browser Monitor Agents, deployed in other geographical locations, and have it report Web Application Performance data to the Central site. This way, you can monitor the availability and performance of the website pages, at different locations.

Working of Real Browser Monitor:


Monitoring End-User Experience with RBM Monitor:

The availability and response time of the recorded URLs will be monitored, according to the poll interval set. Alarms are configured, based on threshold configurations. So, if the health of the URLs is critical, alarms will be generated.

Availability tab gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days.

Performance tab gives the Health history for the past 24 hours or 30 days, and also the Total Response Time of the various monitors.

List view enables you to perform Bulk admin configurations. Click on the individual monitors listed, to view the following information;

Monitor Information:




Denotes the name Real Browser Monitor.


Denotes the health (Clear, Warning, Critical) of the monitor, based on its dependencies.

Polling Interval

Time set for the polling interval.


Name of the RBM Agent.


Name of the Webscript.

Availability The current status of the monitor - whether up or down.
Validation Results of the functions - Content Check, Element check will be updated for each URL.
Content Check - You can validate a specific content in the page.
Element Check - You can validate a specific element like Hyperlink in the page.


Performance - Last One hour:



Average Response Time

The average response time for accessing an URL, or total average response time of the URL Sequence (takes into account the avg.response time of the individual URLs in the Sequence).

Current Response Time

The current response time of the individual URL, or the entire URL Sequence.

PageSize - Last One Hour:



Current Page Size

The current page size of the URL in bytes

% Page Size Change

The percentage change in current page size when compared to previous page size

Previous Page Size The page size of URL in the previous poll


RBM Dashboard:

The RBM dashboard provides an overview of the status of your webscripts or transactions, from multiple locations. If you click on the individual scripts listed, it will take you to a page, which shows the following metrics;


1. How does Real Browser monitor differ from URL Sequence monitor?

URL Sequence monitor supports only the recording of URL sequences and not the actions performed in the URLs. Also, RBM supports playback from different geographical locations unlike a URL sequence monitor


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