Setup and Configure ManageEngine IT360

This section will help you understand ManageEngine IT360 and its configuration aspects. It provides you a complete walk-through of the detailed steps involved in setting up and configuring ManageEngine IT360. For this, you need to follow a sequential procedure, starting from Understanding the overall IT360 structure, followed by configuring certain basic Settings, designing various Access controls, Creating monitors, etc.

For all the above tasks to be accomplished, you need to first login to the IT360 console. Once the IT360 installation is done and you have started IT360, a browser instance is invoked that displays the Login screen. You need to enter the Username / Password, for authentication and the default values are admin / admin. At a later point, you may also want to know more on Users based Roles supported in IT360 and how to configure the same. Refer: Manage Users and Roles.

Before you proceed with the setup and configure of IT360, make sure you have:

Now, follow the below sequence to configure IT360:

  1. Understanding IT360

  2. Configuring Microsoft SQL Server

  3. Configuring Mail Server Settings

    1. IT360 - Monitoring modules

    2. IT360 - ServiceDesk
  1. Configuring Proxy Settings

  2. Configuring Server Settings

  3. Configuring SMS Server Settings

  4. Managing Users and Roles

    1. Adding Roles

    2. Adding Users

    3. Deleting Roles

    4. Deleting Users
  1. Changing Password

  2. Understanding IT360 Web Client

  3. Performing MSP-Specific Configurations

    1. Adding Customer and Site

    2. Associating Probe to Site

    3. Deleting Customer-Site

    4. Addng SLAs

    5. Editing-Deleting SLAs

    6. Rebranding at various Levels

    7. Rebranding at MSP Level

    8. Partners

    9. Editing / Deleting Partners

    10. Partner Customer Management

  4. Creating New Monitor

    1. Network / Server

    2. Application

    3. Storage
  1. Managing Business Services

  2. Working with Maps

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