Email Notification Profiles

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

You can configure IT360 to send e-mails to Network Administrators, when a fault is detected in a device. You can create profiles separately for each administrator and assign them to devices individually, so that whenever the device has a fault, email can be sent to the concerned technician, depending on the nature of the fault. 

Steps to Create an Email Alert Profile

  1. Login to IT360 console with the Username and Password of an Admin user.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. Click Actions under Alarms.

  4. Choose Network Devices from the Actions profiles for dropdown. The Notification Profile Configuration wizard is displayed.

  5. Click the Add New under Email Profiles. The Configure Profile Details page is displayed.

  1. Now, fill in the below information:
  1. Profile Name: Assign a meaningful name to this notification profile.

  2. To Email Address & From Email Address: In these fields, type the valid To and From Email addresses.

  3. Mail Format: Select the format of the email to be either Plain Text, HTML, or Both.

  4. Subject: Select the email subject that you would like to see in the email alert, from the list of alarm variables in the Select Subject Variables dropdown. The selected variables are displayed in this text field.

  5. Message: Select the required alarm variables that you would like to see in the email message, from the Select Message Variables dropdown. The selected variables are displayed in this text field.

  6. Test Actions: Click this button to test the working of the configured notification profile.

  7. Save: Click this button to save the profile.

A notification is sent everytime a threshold is violated for a server.

Note: SMTP server settings are available in the Mail Server Settings page of IT360. Whenever a new email profile is created, the values of the SMTP server and the related authentication details will be considered from the Mail Server settings. Refer to Configuring Mail Server Settings for steps to enter the details.

You can perform the below tasks from the Notification Profile Configuration wizard:

  1. You can edit the Notification profile created, by clicking the icon against it.

  2. You can click Add New, for creating more profiles.

  3. You can delete the Notification profile, by clicking the icon beside the respective profile.


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