Unknown Devices in IT360


In general, IT360 categorizes the Network devices into Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Load Balancers, etc. IT360 relies on industry standard protocols, such as SNMP, CLI and WMI to 'identify' the devices. SNMP is the standard protocol across all device categories, CLI is specific to Unix-based servers, and WMI is specific to Windows environment.

Possible Criterion for Grouping Devices under Unknown Category

A device is grouped under the 'Unknown' category due to any of the following reasons;

  1. Does not have one of the above mentioned protocols enabled.

  2. An Anti-virus or a Firewall does not allow IT360 to access.

  3. Network configuration that restricts access to some information on the systems in your network.

  4. Few security settings, in case of Windows environment, that disallows access.

  5. Does not have the proper credentials; i.e. Incorrect Username and Password, or a user does not have the required privilege. For instance, WMI expects the user to have domain administrator's privilege, but if he doesn`t have that previlege, then the device falls under the 'Unknown' category.

  6. The device does not match with any template category. If you want to view the available template categories, go to the Template Library.

Viewing Devices under 'Unknown' category

Even if IT360 is able to ping and discover a device successfully, it does not know where to put the device. In such case, it classifies the device under the 'Unknown' category. If you find any of your device missing in the relevant category map, you can check if it is present in this category, by do the following;

  1. Click the link on the Networks tab.

  2. In the dropdown displayed, click the Unknown link .

  1. The list of all devices under the Unknown category are displayed in Map View.

  2. If required, you can move such devices to the relevant category by doing any one of the following;

    1. Changing Device category in Snapshot Page:

      1. Click the device link in the Map View page (shown in below screenshot).

      • The snapshot page of the device is displayed.Change the Device category from Unknown to any of the known categories (e.g Router), as shown below;

    1. Rediscover them after enabling the SNMP / CLI / WMI protocol and configuring the credentials.


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