IT360 Prerequisites - Introduction

This section is common to all the three editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and the MSP Edition, as applicable.

The IT infrastructure environment can be different based on the organisation's internal IT security policies, WAN security polices, external / internet security polices. It also depends on the technologies adopted and the vendors of IT equipments and softwares. Also, it depends on the size and geographical location and spread of the organization and the size of its mobile workforce.

Given this, it is obvious that, to run any monitoring / management solution, a few prerequisites are to be satisfied. This section discusses the set of all prerequisites that are categorized under different headings and mandatory to run IT360 in your environment. Before you start installing and configuring IT360, make sure that the below prerequisites are satisfied.

For IT360, the prerequisites are classified as under:

  1. General Prerequisites section covers the list of all basic prerequisites required for configuring IT360, which include, System Requirements, Ports Used, DNS configuration, AV scan exclusion, Exchange Server, SMS (Text Message) Server, etc.

  2. System Requirements covers the information that embodies the requirements of a system.

  3. Ports Used covers the information related to the list of all ports required to run IT360.

  4. Applications and Server Prerequisites covers all the application specific accesses, jars, libraries, third party files required for monitoring

  5. Access Privileges Prerequisites covers all the credentials, access privileges required [SNMP / WMI / Telnet / SSH ] to access and monitor various servers, applications, networks, etc.

  6. Asset Management Prerequisites covers all about what is required to perform the asset management funcion in IT360.

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