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Virtual environment monitoring

Physical vs. Virtual Environments

Virtual environments are, by nature, exceptionally dynamic entities, where Virtual machines are found to be constantly on the move between virtual hosts. Hence, processing and memory utilization, including all physical resources, are used in much higher levels than in traditional physical environments. Densities are higher, in storage, resource utilization, and servers and applications.

All of the above elements altogether make the virtual environment very messy, thus no human alive can effectively watch and compensate for every behavior in such an environment.

Virtual Environment Monitoring - A Must-Have

Each customer`s requirement is to know what's happening in their virtual environment in real-time, before end-users complain. So, all the demand is for a solution that makes complex- virtual environment easier to manage, without breaking the IT budget to get it.

On the other hand, the virtualized environment requires a solution that delivers features, required to meet today's demand for proactively assuring the availability of IT services. In addition, such an environment demands a strong support for a complex virtualized infrastructure. So the ultimate expectation is an Advanced, holistic monitoring solution that says "Yes" to all of the above requirements, by delivering cross-domain operational intelligence.

VMware Virtual Infrastructure Groups in ManageEngine IT360

The VMware Virtual Infrastructure Groups in IT360 is a self-learning solution that monitors your entire virtual infrastructure, end-to-end. It includes powerful new features, providing you with 'total environment monitoring' for virtual infrastructures. It builds on the product's ability to help you automatically monitor and analyze any application, within any environment, from a single user console.

With this, you will be able to seamlessly drill down to root-causes from the cluster, to the host server, to the VM, and on through the application, in a reliable manner. It effectively tracks the key performance indicators of VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V and vCenter, along with various other metrics of servers, application servers, databases, web servers, Exchange servers, etc.

It supports the following virtual systems :

  • VMware ESX/ESXi Servers
  • Hyper-V Servers
  • vCenter

Features and benefits

  • Comprehensive Performance Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting For Virtual Environment.
  • Ensures visibility, fast trouble-shooting and proactive VM management, all with a single tool.
  • Total Health Index, representing the correlated performance of the overall virtual infrastructure - including resource pool, clusters, hosts and VMs.
  • Proactive Virtual Capacity Planning and Management.
  • Ability to view and compare historical capacity trends across VMware (clusters, VMs, ESX hosts, vCenters, etc.) to help establish baselines for upgrade or consolidation projects and ensure that you never overspend on, or run out of, capacity again.
  • Efficient monitoring capabilities that enable you to ensure that your virtual infrastructure is performing, as expected.
  • Enables high performance Business Process Management, by detecting and diagnosing problems of virtualization infrastructure in a fast manner.

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