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Website Monitoring

How to observe what's actually going on with your site?

You know what are the major annoyances to your customers?? Here comes the list; Link inaccuracies, AWOL content, 404 pages, maxed time and service disruptions. These become the prime reasons for them to take their business elsewhere. Making sure your application is running optimally is step one to optimize your end user experience. Step two, an important one, is making sure your services are behaving the way you need them to. To achieve all the above, you need a perfect URL/Website Monitoring functionality in a product, which can alert you of any glitch with a deep dive into underlying infrastructure which is causing the glitch

Why is Website Monitoring Service So Important?

"If your website is a critical part of your business, then website monitoring is always crucial. In today's connected world website becomes as the entry point to your business. It verifies whether what is being delivered to the end user is right, and that your business-critical services are running properly. HTTP URL Monitoring In ManageEngine IT360."

In an environment, where downtime of any website applications and services can cause negative impact on the business performance, problems must be accurately identified and solved. IT360's URL monitoring feature keeps a constant watch over the registered URL or website pages. IT360 tests the website applications and web services, to ensure their proper functioning.

HTTP URL monitors verify the availability of specified, addressable, standard HTTP and HTTPS URLs. They scan the HTTP and HTTPS pages and look for a predefined keyword, to check whether the website is available.

Apart from the basic URL Monitoring, IT360 also provides you with an advanced option called as Form-based authentication that furnishes effective and more flexible URL Monitoring. This is optional and you need to choose this only if the HTTP/ HTTPS URL require such authentication.

Types of URL Monitoring Available in IT360

IT360 supports two ways of URL monitoring;

Key Benefits of Dashboard

  • HTTP(s)-URLs:
    These are used to monitor a single HTTP and HTTPS URL. You can do this by specifying a HTTP/HTTPS URL address to be monitored and a keyword, if required, as the Match content. The URL monitoring searches the keyword in the content of the URL page, to check the availability of the URL. Here, you can also do Form-based authentication, if required.
  • HTTP(s)-URL Sequence (Record & Playback): It is a set of HTTPS URLs, in sequence, which is used to monitor multiple web pages of an online application. It checks pages, with dynamically generated information, thus enhancing interactive transactions, such as logging into a page, creating an account using a web form, instructing the application to perform some action, etc.

    URL Sequencing starts with a specific URL, such as the Login page, and then followed by additional links/URL in it. The URL Sequence monitoring thus performs end-to-end verification of particular transactions, thereby helping you troubleshoot any type of monitoring problem.

Monitored Parameters

You can locate the HTTP(s) URLs and HTTP(s)-URL Sequence under the "Servers" tab, or under the "Infrastructure Snapshot-Applications" widget of the IT360 Dashboard as shown below:

On clicking any of the HTTP(s) URLs or HTTP(s)-URL Sequence Monitor Type link,
it takes you to the below page, where you can find all the monitors under it listed:

Click any of the above Monitor links to go to the Performance Metrics page (the one that the below figure portrays),
where you will be able to view the Monitor Information and the related Monitored Parameters:

Advantages of URL Monitoring

  • 24x7 monitoring of the site and its key components.
  • Immediate notification, if any problems are encountered.
  • Web-based real-time reports of historical data.
  • Precise diagnosis of problems when they do occur.
  • Provides a clear measurement from an end-user perspective.
  • Scalable to meet growing enterprise and e-business demands.
  • Advanced monitoring services that respond to your website issues and resolve them faster.

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