End User Monitoring (EUM)

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

End User Monitoring (EUM) provides the ability to monitor the health and performance of services from multiple locations, outside your corporate firewall. This capability provides you with a greater visibility into the user experience and behaviors of these services, while detecting the potential performance problems before the end users are affected by them. It also enables you take steps to improve the user experience of business-critical services.

EUM can be enabled by installing agents in client locations and configuring your monitors to make use of these agents for monitoring. The monitors currently supported by the EUM agent include:

  1. DNS Monitor

  2. LDAP Server

  3. Mail Server

  4. Ping Monitor

  5. Real Browser Monitor(RBM)

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