IBM WebSphere MQ

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Monitored Parameters

IBM WebSphere MQ servers are monitored based on the attributes such as listener stats, channel monitoring, etc. and the different web applications and EJB deployed in the server. The monitoring details of IBM WebSphere MQ server are represented graphically that helps to understand the parameters with ease. You can also configure thresholds to the attributes monitored by the server based on these details.

Availability tab, gives the Availability history for the past 24 hours or 30 days. Performance tab gives the Health Status and events for the past 24 hours or 30 days. List view enables you to perform bulk admin configurations. Click on the individual monitors listed, to view the following information.


Monitor Information


The Display name of the Monitor


Represents the health status

Last Polled at

Time at which the previous poll had started

Next Poll at

Time at which the next poll has been scheduled


Shows the current status of the server - available or not available.

Channel Monitoring

Channel Name

Name of the Channel


Status of the channel - running

Bytes Sent

Number of bytes sent

Bytes Received

Number of bytes Received

Buffers Sent Number of buffers sent
Buffers Received Number of buffers Received
Availability Availability of Channel,based on the status attribute.If the status of the channle is RUNNING then it is considered to be available .If the channel is in other states
then it is considered to be down.


Health of the Channel based on all the above attributes

listener Stats

Listener Name

Specifies the name of the Listener


The current status of the listener. The value can be:Initializing,Running, Stopping

Session Count The number of sessions that the listener can use. This is valid only on Windows.
Backlog The number of concurrent connection requests that the listener supports.


Health of the Listener based on all the above attributes

Queue Monitoring

Queue Name

Name of the Queue

Current Depth

Current queue depth.

% of Queue Occupied

Percentage of Queue Depth occupied against the max Queue Depth.

Open Input Count

Open input count (parameter identifier: MQIA_OPEN_INPUT_COUNT).

Open Output Count

Open output count (parameter identifier: MQIA_OPEN_OUTPUT_COUNT)


Health of the Queue based on all the above attributes

You can also compare the values between the various attributes.

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