Managing Business Services in ManageEngine IT360


Business services are a logical group of one or more Monitors (Network devices, Servers & Applications, Storage devices) that provide a holistic view of your business environment. The health of an online Web application depends on various factors, such as the health of the application server hosting the Web application, the availability of the Web server for accessing the Web applications, the database server for storing or getting the required information, etc. A Business Service helps to group resources like servers, databases and application servers that work together, to meet the needs of a business process. It can be also used to group monitors by location or geography. These can be monitored as a single group. This can also be assigned to selective users thereby restricting the users scope to view/monitor a set of devices and increasing the security of the network.

For example, you can group all the servers/applications related to the payroll activity and name it as Accounts and assign it to an user handling the particular set of devices alone. All the CRM servers can be grouped to a business service 'Sales' and assigned to a particular user.


Processes involved in Managing a Business Service

Take a look at the below set of all operations involved in managing a Business Service:

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