IT360 Custom Rebranding

1. Introduction

This section is applicable only to the MSP Edition (Central Only).

Rebranding is a process, by which a Product or Service developed with one brand, company, or product line affiliation, is marketed or distributed with a different identity. This involves radical changes to certain product components such as, Images (Header Image, Login image and Favicon), Company Name, Product Name, Copyright Text, etc.

ManageEngine IT360 provides you with an option to re-brand the product, which in turn allows you to customize the product in your own way. The rebranding option is exclusively available with the MSP (Central) edition of IT360.

2. Features


3. Processes Involved in Custom Rebranding

  1. Partner and Customer Management

  2. Centralized rebranding

  3. User Management

  4. Loading IT360 with Custom-Specific Rebranded Data

  5. Partner/Customer specific login

  6. Dashboard View of MSP

  7. Rebranding in Storage Module

  8. Rebranding in Configuration Management Plug-in

3.1 Partner and Customer Management

Partners are one level up to the Customers. Partner Customers are created under Partners. You can perform the below set of operations on the customers and partners:

  1. Create a Customer

  2. Create a Partner

  3. Add Partner Customers

  4. Configure Rebrand Settings for a Customer

  5. Configure Rebrand Settings for a Partner

  6. Configure Rebrand Settings for a Partner Customer


3.2 Centralized rebranding

Three Levels of Rebranding:

In IT360, rebranding of data can be accomplished at the following three levels:

  1. MSP Level Rebranding:

  1. Partner Level Rebranding:
  1. Customer Level Rebranding:


3.3 User Management

This involves creating various users to avail custom rebranding:


3.4 Loading IT360 with Custom-Specific Rebranded Data

Once rebranding is done at any of the three levels, the IT360 webclient can be loaded, based on the level of rebranding / role, as follows:

  1. For a login with any of the following roles: Administrator, Power User, Operator:

  2. For a login with Partner role:

  1. For a login with the Customer role:

    1. Direct Customer Role:

      • IT360 is loaded with the Customer-specific rebranded data, if rebranding is done at the Customer level. The below screenshot shows the webclient loaded with the various properties rebanded at the Customer level:

    1. Partner Customer Role:

Note: All the co-product pages should be loaded with the custom rebranded data, in the above cases.


3.5 Partner/Customer specific login

3.6 Dashboard View of MSP

In addition to the basic information such as, Devices, Alarms and SLA, the Dashboard of the IT360-MSP webclient shows the following customer/partner-specific information:
  1. Customer / Site Name Column: Customer / Site Name.

  2. A column, named Partner, which shows:

Note: The above details fit to the Dashboards of both the MSP Central and Probes.


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