Switch Port Mapper Tool

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Probes only) and MSP Edition (Probes only).

IT360 shows the connectivity between a switch and other connected devices (discovered and available under Networks module) in the network, under Switch Port Mapper. You can get the details such as the MAC address, IP Address and DNS names of the devices connected to the switch.

You need to provide the details such as the community string and port number of the switch (if required) and the details of the Server or Router that may contain the layer 3 details.

1. Steps to Add Switch Port Mapping Details

Reach the Switch Port Mapper wizard by any one of the below ways:

  1. From Admin Tab

  2. From Device Snapshot Page

1A) Steps to Configure Switch Port Mapper from Admin Tab

  1. Click the Admin tab.

  2. Click Tools under Monitoring Configuration.

  3. Click the Switch Port Mapper tab.

  4. Select a Switch from the Switch Name dropdown (if you have navigated from the Device Snapshot page, this field shows the default value). Otherwise, create a switch by choosing Add Switch from the dropdown and then following these steps.

  5. Select a Server\Router to see more Mac to IP resolution.

  6. Click the Show Mapping button to view the mapping details.

  7. Click the Refresh button to allow IT360 to dynamically query the device and list the new set of MacAddresses connected to the switch.

  8. Click the Go to Switch link to view the Device Snapshot page of the switch.


1B) Steps to Configure Switch Port Mapper from Device Snapshot Page

  1. Go to the Device Snapshot page of the Switch.

  2. Click Switch Port Mapper under the Device Info dropdown.

  3. Follow these steps.

2. Switch Port Mapper Tool Utility

The below screenshot shows the overall view of Switch Port Mapper under the Networks tab:

You can perform a set of tasks using the Switch Port Mapper tool. Click here to access the complete user guide on how to work with the tool.


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