ManageEngine IT360 - Reports

This document will help you learn about the extensive capabilities of the Reporting functionality in ManageEngine IT360. This guides you in handling various administrative tasks pertaining to customizing your IT360 reports, in order to meet a wide variety of requirements.

As far as management tasks are concerned, it is essential to analyze the trend over time and evaluate the performance. This analysis is useful in making calculated predictions and taking corrective actions, as necessary. These calculated predictions allows you to plan for any future impact on performance for various services.

The reporting function of IT360 enables you to analyze your servers / applications / databases/ web servers / web applications / services and also the Network and Storage devices, even across months, and all this even without having to make any additional configuration changes. The reports are generated dynamically, which means that you only see reports for monitors that you have created in IT360.

Before you start working with the Reporting functionality, it is required to perform certain administrative operations related to Reports from the Reports GUI.

Steps to Access the Reports GUI

  1. Login to IT360 console with the Username and Password of an Admin user.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane and then the  Reports icon.

This is for the first time user of IT360. The Start Wizard button at the bottom of the Reports section provides a walk-through of each of the below listed Reports setting, in exact sequence. By clicking this, you can access an user-friendly version of the Reports wizard that clearly guides you in which setting is to be configured first and which follows next.

From this wizard, you can configure each setting under Reports in the given order only; configure a setting (say, 
Reporting Settings, click Next, and so on.

Settings Configured from Reports Wizard

  1. Reporting Settings

  2. Enable Reports

  3. Schedule Reports

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