Configuring Technicians

This section is common to all the editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition (Central only) and MSP Edition (Central only).

The IT Helpdesk team comprises of Technicians, who are responsible for handling requests raised by the employees of the organization. Each Technician in the Helpdesk team is assigned with Roles to perform specific tasks in the application. If your organization is spread across multiple sites, then you can associate Sites to the Technicians. The site association restricts the Technician's access to other site information.

You can add, edit, or remove the Technicians from a Site in the ManageEngine IT360 application and also provide them with various access privileges that suit their roles and needs.

Apart from this, you can also assign Technicians to specific Technician Groups. Grouping technicians facilitates the incoming requests to be categorized and assigned to the specific groups, respectively.

Accessing Technician Configuration Wizard (Technician List view):

  1. Log in to the ManageEngine IT360 application as an administrator using your user name and password. Click the Servicedesk tab.

  2. Click the Admin tab in the header pane.

  3. Under the Users block, click the Technicians iconTechncians Icon. The Technician List view is displayed, where you can add, edit, and delete technicians from the application.


  1. The Site Admin can add and view the Technicians of a site, to which he/she is associated, by selecting the site from the Technicians for drop-drown box. The Technicians for combo box will appear only if the sites are configured. The sites can be configured from 'Admin -> Helpdesk -> Sites'.

  2. If multiple sites (with Related Settings as Copy default settings or custom settings) are configured in the application, then a Technicians associated for drop-drown box is displayed in the Technicians List view.

  3. If you are logged in as a Site Administrator, then you have the privilege to add, edit and delete technicians associated to your sites.

Topics discussed under this section:


Adding Technicians

To add a Technician (User) through ServiceDesk, follow the steps given here.

Editing Technicians

You can edit the following information of a Technician form here. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Technician List view. Click the edit icon  beside the Technician. From the edit page, you can do the following.

  1. Modify the details in Personal Details block (except Name), Contact Information block, Cost Details clock and Department Details block. You can also Associate the site(s) with technician and Assign the group(s) for the technician.

  2. Configure Additional Technician Details: If there were any user defined fields added, then enter the same under Additional Technician Details. For example, to enable privilege as a Purchase Order Approver to the technician, enable the relvant checkbox.
    Note: Purchase Order (PO) approvers can be restricted to approve only certain PO(s) based on the total cost of a PO. If the ceiling limit is specified as "Unlimited", the approver can approve any PO, else if the ceiling limit is specified the approver is restricted to approve PO(s) which has total cost within this limit.
  1. Login Details: You cannot edit the Login Name, which you configured in the Add User form. You can select the Domain of the technician from the drop-down menu.

  2. Changing Password: You cannot change the Technician password from the Technician List view. You can do it only in the Edit User form of IT360 console.

  3. Assign role(s) to the Technician: This defines the Technician`s access privileges to various modules in the application. Just move the required Roles from the Available Roles panel to the Assigned Roles panel. (Note: Only 1 Admin role can be selected for a Technician)

If you want the Technician to have complete administrator access, then select the radio button; "Enable Administrator Privileges" (Note: This option will not be available when a Site Admin logs in to the application using his login credentials). 

  1. Enable Access to Desktop Management Functionality:

While enabling login permission to a technician, you can also provide the technician with Desktop Central login access and DC Role. The two DC Roles are DC Admin and DC Guest. Select the check box Enable to access Desktop Management Functionality and provide either of the role to the technician. When a Technician logs into the ServiceDesk module of IT360 using his/her credentials, the Technician can view the Desktop Management drop-down menu, from where, he can perform the Desktop Management functionality from within ServiceDesk Plus web console.


  1. You can select the check box Enable to access Desktop Management Functionality, only if you have configured Desktop Central settings in the ServiceDesk module of IT360 and when the connection between Desktop Central and ServiceDesk Plus is established successfully. If the integration is not successful, then this option is greyed..

  2. On selecting the check box Enable to access Desktop Management Functionality and a DC Role, will create a user with the same login credentials in the Desktop Central application.
  1. API Key details: The API Key for a Technician is essential, while integrating the ServiceDesk module of IT360 with REST API or with Desktop Central application. The API Key performs as an authentication mechanism between the two applications. 

To generate the API Key, click the Generate link. Select a time frame for the key to expire, or simply retain the same key perpetually. If a key is already generated for the technician, a Re-generate link appears.

  1. Click Save button. Even while editing a technician, if you wish to add a new technician, then click Save and add newbutton after making the changes. At any point, if you want to cancel the edit operation, then click Cancel.
Note: You can edit some basic information related to the Technician from the IT360 Console, as well.


Associating/Dissociate Workstations to Technicians

Associate Workstations to Technician

  1. Go to the Technician List view. Click the Name of the Technician. The Organization Details-Technician page is displayed.

  2. Click the Associate Workstation tab. The Associate Workstation window pops up. By default, all the workstations configured in the application are listed in Workstation Listcolumn. You can also choose to display the unassigned workstations alone by clickting Show unassigned only link.

Note: On clicking the Show unassigned only link, it changes to Show assigned only.

  1. To associate workstations, select one or more workstations from Workstation List column and click >> button. The selected workstation(s) are listed in Associated Workstations column.

  2. Click Save button.

Dissociate Workstations for Technician

  1. Go to the Technician List view. Click the Name of the Technician. The Organization Details-Technician page is displayed.

  2. Click the Associate Workstation tab. The Associate Workstation window pops up. By default, all the workstations configured in the application are listed in the Workstation List column. The workstations associated with the Technician are listed in Associated Workstations column.

  3. Click Dissociate All button. The workstations are dissociated from the technician.


Changing Technicians as Requesters

 You can change a Technician as a Requester from the IT360 Console. Click here for the steps.

Associating Technicians to Site

You can associate bulk Technicians to Sites using this option. If you have added the Technician, without associating the Sites, then the same can be done from the Technician List view.

  1. Select the check box(es) beside the Technician(s) to associate Site.

  2. Click Actions drop down button.

  3. Select Associate to Site option. The Associate Technician(s) to Site window pops up.

  4. Select the Site to which you want to associate the technician.

  5. Click Associate button. The technician is associated to the site.

Dissociating Technicians from Site

You can dissociate bulk Technicians from a Site using this option.

  1. Go to Technician List view. Select the check box beside the Technician, to be dissociated from Site.

  2. Click Actions drop down button.

  3. Select Dissociate from Site option. The Dissociate Techncian(s) from Site window pops up.

  4. Select the Site from which you want to dissociate the technician.

  5. Click Dissociate button. A dialog box confirming the operation appears.

  6. Click OK to proceed. The technician gets dissociated from the site.
Note: Dissociating the technicians from a site will remove all their traces from SLA, Business Rules and Groups associated to that site.


Deleting Technicians

  1. You cannot delete a Technician from the Technician List view. You can do it only from the IT360 console by using the Delete User option.

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