General Prerequisites

This section is common to all the three editions of IT360 - Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition and the MSP Edition, as applicable.

Note: The term "SMS" appearing in this document refers to "Text message".

The General Prerequisites are covered here, while the others are covered in separate documents.

  1. System Requirements

  2. Please refer to the following link for details on the Hardware / Software requirements:


  3. Ports used / required

  4. Please refer to the following link for details on the ports required for IT360:


  5. DNS configuration

  6. DNS has to be configured in the server where IT360 is installed.

  7. Excluding the IT360 folder from Antivirus [AV] scanning

  8. After you decide to install IT360 in a given folder in the Server, kindly make sure of the following:

    Exclude the MSSQL installation folder and its sub-folders, available in the Remote Server, from any anti-virus scanning program.

    Note: Ensure that you have disabled the antivirus scanners and file system backups on the MYSQL / MSSQL data directories. In addition, make sure that no one else is sharing the drive on some network share, where an antivirus or search indexer might be scanning.

  1. Network Access

The system provided should have connectivity with the networks, to be monitored, and should be accessible by the ManageEngine IT360 Engineer, who is involved in the implementation of the solution.

  1. Exchange Server

IT360 ServiceDesk component requires one dedicated email account to copy or move the emails from the Exchange server. Exchange 2003, 2007 are the supported versions. Good network connectivity between the server, where IT360 product is running, and the Exchange server should be available to fetch the mails in time 9.

  1. Failover

Before configuring failover, make sure of the following;

  1. All the modules within IT360 are accessible.

  2. Exceptions are added in anti-virus software.
  1. Probe-Server Communication in a NATed Environment

This prerequisite is applicable only if:
  • You are using Enterprise and MSP editions.
  • You are migrating from any of the earlier versions to 9070.
  • This is not applicable if you are using 9070 and above versions.

For the Central-Probe communication, internal IP Address or Host Name of the Probes should be configured in the Central server against each of the Probes. This IP Address or Host Name need not be reachable from the Central server, but from the Probes for the communication to work.

  1. Other Prerequisites

    1. Access to resources to be monitored.  

    2. Access to Mail server if email notification is required.

    3. Access to supported GSM Modem in case of SMS notification is to be demonstrated.

    4. Resources to be monitored should support SNMP for monitoring.

    5. If additional custom metrics are to be collected from the resources, corresponding MIBs has to be shared with the IT360 Support Engineer during the implementation so that it can be configured in the IT360 and demonstrated.

    6. Support for E-mail based SMS notification from the service provider end, if SMS notification is required.

    7. Failover: If you plan to use the failover feature, it is recommended to use MSSQL as the backend database

    8. Running Batch files of IT360: If you want to run the IT360 Batch files, and if you are using Windows Server 2008, then ensure the following:

      • You have Edit permission in IT360 folders (even if you are a user having Administrator privilege).

      • If you do not have Edit permission in IT360 folders, then right click on the Batch file and click 'Run as Administrator'.

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