Start and Stop ManageEngine IT360

This section is common to all editions of IT360 - Professional edition, Enterprise edition (Both Central server & Probes) and MSP edition(Both Central server & Probes).

During installation, ManageEngine IT360 is installed as a Windows service. You can then start the ManageEngine IT360 server, by right-clicking on the system Tray icon and access the various options provided.

Start ManageEngine IT360

  1. Once installation is successful, you may start the ManageEngine IT360, by doing any one of the following;
  1. As soon as you start the IT360 server by any of the above methods, the system tray icon blinks for a few seconds, as an indication that the IT360 server is starting up. You can also see a pop-up message "ManageEngine IT360 is up and running"appearing on the bottom right-corner of the window.

  2. A web browser then opens up, displaying the Login Page of IT360, as shown below:

Login Details:

The following information are available in the Login screen. Provide the required details to access the web client:

  1. User Name: Enter the valid Name of the user.

  2. Password: Enter the valid password.

  3. Login: After entering the valid User Name and Password, click this button to login to the web client.

  4. Remember Me: Enable this option, if you want the browser to remember your credentials, next time you login.

  5. First Time User: Click this link to view the default User Name and Password, if you are new to this web client.

  6. Forgot Password: Click this link and you will be asked to enter your User Name. Then click Send. Now, a new password will be sent to your email id, provided you have given a valid email id while configuring the user.

  1. From the 'Startup Options', you have the below 2 choices:

    1. 'Show Tray Icon on Windows StartUp' - If you select this option, the ManageEngine IT360 icon loads automatically into your system tray, after the Windows reboots.

    2. 'Start Web Client On Server StartUp'- If you select this option, the ManageEngine IT360 Server opens the web client, as soon as it starts. In case, if you do not select this option, then you can manually open the web client, by typing the following address in your browser: 'http://localhost:8080/ or http://<system-name>:8080/'.

  1. You can also right click on the tray icon and select 'Start Web Client', to initialize the web browser instance.

  2. You can view the Status and Port details of the ManageEngine IT360 Server, by right-clicking on the system tray icon , and clicking 'Show Status'.


Stop ManageEngine IT360

You may shut down IT360, by doing any one of the following:

  1. Navigate to 'Start -> Programs -> ManageEngine IT360 -> Stop Server' (or)

  2. Right-click on the system tray icon and click 'Stop IT360 Server'.

Launching the IT360 Web Cient

Click here for detailed steps.

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