Installing and Uninstalling OpStor

This section explains the steps involved in the installation and uninstallation of OpStor. After installing OpStor, you can proceed with integrating it with IT360.

Steps to Install OpStor

  1. Double click on 'ManageEngine_OpStor.exe' and follow the screens, which are self-explanatory. A brief description of the screens is given below.

  2. Go through the License Agreement carefully, and click 'Yes' to accept and proceed further.

  3. Installation Folder: If you want to change the location of the installation folder of ManageEngine OpStor, then click on 'Browse' button. Else, click 'Next'. By default, it installs under'C:\ManageEngine\OpStor'.

  4. Port ConfigurationYou may use the default port as displayed, or, you may specify the port of your choice. The default port number is 80. When you decide to use a different port number, ensure those ports are free. Click 'Next'.

  5. Installing OpStor as a Service: Enable the checkbox, if you wish to install OpStor as a Service, else leave it unchecked. Click 'Next'.

  6. Personal Information (optional): Enter your personal details, such as ‘Name’, ‘Email Id’, ‘Phone’, ‘Company Name’and Country. Click 'Next'. The installation begins now. It would take a few minutes for the installation wizard to extract the files into the installation directory.

  7. Installation Complete Wizard: Once the installation is through, a wizard appears indicating the completion of the installation process. You can now either choose to view the Read me file and click 'Finish', or simply click 'Finish' to complete the installation.

Click here for screenshot-assisted installation steps.


OpStor Integration:

Once Opstor is successfully installed, you need to integrate it with IT360 to make it work as the Storage module. For the relevant steps refer here.

Steps to Uninstall OpStor

  1. You can uninstall OpStor by either of the below 3 ways:

  1. Uninstall through Windows Add/Remove Programs:

  1. Uninstall through Start Menu in Windows:

  1. Uninstall by Running the Install Exe file:

Note: All the above three un-installation methods will remove ManageEngine OpStor from your system. All folders available by default will be removed from the system. In case you face any issue while installing or un-installing the product, kindly contact ManageEngine IT360 support at


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