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Integrated Network, Applications, Server, Storage and Bandwidth Monitoring with
ITIL ready Service Desk

One of the biggest challenges today’s enterprises face is: Silo’ed IT management environment. Businesses in the recent past have witnessed several high profile outages happen due to lack in connecting the data to meaningful information generated by different monitoring tools. Today’s fast paced business needs real-time IT information to make accurate decisions. Integrated IT eliminates the silos, created by disparate point-products which lacks in providing the visibility with accurate Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Gartner, leading research firm projects in one of its report in 2010 says:
“By 2015, 60% of enterprises will have effectively integrated their
Application Performance Management (APM) data to service desk tool”.

Two main functional areas of IT management are IT Operations and Service management, an integrated IT management tool integrates these two areas tightly to give an unparalleled visibility into entire IT infrastructure from a single console.

ManageEngine's approach to Integrated IT Management

ManageEngine IT360 brings two main fields of IT management; IT operations and Service management onto a unified console/dashboard. With IT360, mid and large sized enterprises can eliminate the operational silos and have a unified view of their entire IT infrastructure. One of the many unique advantages of IT360 lies in the fact that it has an inbuilt ITIL – ready service management module. The diagram on the right hand side explains various modules that IT360 supports today.

Integrated IT for Enterprise:

Considering different market needs ManageEngine has two versions of IT360. Enterprise edition is designed for mid and large enterprises who monitors their own IT infrastructure from a centralized NOC or Datacenter.

  • ITIL-enabled Service Management
  • Distributed architecture for scalability
  • High availability for redundancy
  • Monitor geographically distributed network
  • End-user experience management
  • Strong security based on role based access control

Success Stories

"We have been able to pro-actively monitor our IT infrastructure using IT360. This has enabled us to pin-point problems before users could report the same. This has saved us a lot of business hours. Root-cause analysis and trend reporting ensures that we set our alarms correctly and avoid problems in the future. The product is pretty stable. It’s been a few months since we contacted support as things have been running smoothly."

Geoff Stone,

IT infrastructure division, DORMA.

Integrated IT for Service Provider:

IT360-MSP is for service providers who provides IT infrastructure management as a service to their clients. This version is designed with MSP specific features like

  • All features of enterprise edition, plus...
  • Unified & Integrated MSP platform
  • Multi-tenancy & customer data segmentation
  • Customer & sites specific dashboards, SLA & reports
  • Downtime scheduler for accurate SLAs
  • White-labeling of MSP solution

Success Stories

"With more problems solved faster, we can also devote more time to growing our client base. The ManageEngine team and support have been brilliant; initially there were few synching issues but once things got in place, we have been just upgrading and renewing the license."

Larry Dutton,

Product Manager, Redstone.