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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

The complexity of IT is increasing day-by-day. With a growing number of diverse devices falling under the wing of IT, it is a priority to maintain control over the infrastructure. From this perspective, IT Asset Management (ITAM) can be defined as a mature IT discipline for managing IT assets to meet the current and future demands of the business. Implementing a solid ITAM strategy brings benefits across IT and the organization in the form of reduced cost and improved Business-IT Alignment (BITA). Effective IT asset management drives a shift from basic asset tracking to delivering business benefits through management of assets across the whole organization and throughout the full asset lifecycle.

IT Asset Management with ManageEngine IT360

ManageEngine IT360s` IT Asset Management (ITAM) modules help you to manage lifecycle of assets in your network from Planning phase to Disposal phase. It provides you with a number of ways to ensure discovery of all the assets in your network. You can manage software & hardware assets; ensure software license compliance and track purchase orders & contracts. The following tasks can be performed with IT360:

  • Acts as a complete inventory of hardware and software assets.
  • Tracks ownership and history of assets through Agent-less scanning.
  • Establishes scheduled audit of IT Assets.
  • Quickly ascertains the dependability of asset with a business service or another asset.
  • Discovers and lists all the instances of software inventory across your organization.
  • Monitors the software license compliance to maintain the complete software asset inventory management.

1. IT Asset Inventory Management:

ManageEngine IT360 Inventory module provides you with an effective way to manage your company`s assets. The purpose of this module is to help your organization gain a clear picture of its distributed enterprise and how it is changing. By enabling you to conduct regular audits, ManageEngine IT360 helps you manage your IT assets from a physical perspective, capturing information such as CPU type and speed, amount of RAM, installed software, peripherals, and operating systems. This provides you with information, such as what assets you have, where they are, and how they are configured.

2. Software License Management:

ManageEngine IT360 helps you to manage software licenses installed across the enterprise. You can consolidate and manage all your software licenses from a single screen. ManageEngine IT360 will scan and automatically pickup license keys for Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word. You can key-in all the licenses purchased earlier and track future purchase of software licenses through the Purchase module.

3. Software Asset Management:

ManageEngine IT360 discovers all installed software in the network. Asset managers have tough time managing personal, official and recreational software that is common in the workplace. It groups scanned software based on Managed, Open Source types, etc., helps in License Management, and helps in Group based on application Software Metering - which tracks the usage of the software in each workstation.

4. Purchase Order Management:

ManageEngine IT360 helps in PO management and helps identify areas to reduce spending, enforce policies and eliminate redundancies. It helps to manage the complete lifecycle of a Purchase order.

5. Asset Life Cycle Management:

ManageEngine IT360 makes it easier to handle the complete life cycle of an asset i.e. all stages from procurement to disposal. It helps to manage all the assets that are to be purchased through purchase order management and later tracks the complete hardware and software inventory of these assets.

6. Configuration Management Database:

Configuration Management Database (CMDB) lets you track and manage all your CIs (such as assets, software installations, IT and business services, people, documents etc.) in a single repository. Unlike the asset database that comprises of a bunch of assets, the CMDB is designed to support a vast IT structure where the interrelations between the CIs are maintained and supported successfully.

The Significance of IT Asset Management

  • Improve IT support efficiency and streamline upgrades.
  • Improve negotiating position with vendors.
  • Unite IT expenditure with business units and revenue streams.
  • Align IT investment with business planning
  • Measure and control IT usage and costs
  • Increase efficiency from IT infrastructure standardization.
  • Manage IT assets from requisition to retirement.
  • Ensure license compliance and efficiency.

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