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You asked we listened

As we set out to expand our reach in the new year with ManageEngine’s Integration story - IT360, we paid close attention to your requests to enhance the product to help make your daily job easier and more productive.

With Gartner’s prediction “By 2015, 60% of enterprises will have effectively integrated their APM data to service desk tool” seemingly coming true. We with IT360 are making this integration simpler.

Market perception “Integration in IT has been talked about since long and is beaten to death with all undelivered promises”

Yes, we are aware of this fact, hence two years back when we introduced IT360 we had clear thoughts in mind to provide our customers an integrated product which does not require any:

  • Heavy professional services
  • Integration development procedure
  • Specialized technical expertise
  • Multiple patching of modules
  • Heavy investments

IT360 comes as a packaged product which takes pain-points into consideration to give you an unparalleled unified experience of managing your IT as ONE!

Four steps to Nirvana in IT-management!

What more? IT360 being an integrated product does not mean you have to use all the modules within it irrespective of the fact whether you use it or not, as is the case with most of the legacy products in the market.

We give our customers a freedom to what we call ‘pay-as-you-scale’ or in terms of Pizza you can call it ‘pick-and-choose’. You choose and pay for the modules you want, later when your business and needs expand add licenses without considering of any hassles regarding installation and resources.

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