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Network Maps

Topology Map View

An enterprise consists of several mission critical business applications, which are supported by network devices like servers, routers, switches and storage devices, it is difficult to track all of them by using disparate tools which addresses to point problems. IT leaders need a a real-time visibility in to the entire underlying infrastructure so that the end-user gets an uninterrupted service availability.

A topology map is an effort to visualize the interconnection of different resources in an enterprise on a map. It is a graphical approach and the result is a tangible design, which is intuitive for everyone to comprehend. A single image is worth a thousand words and it is better to present information in a picture rather than in writing.

Topology Map View in ManageEngine IT360

ManageEngine IT360 supports the concept of Topology Map as a means to view data in a graphical format. The topology map view gives a pictorial representation of the configured IT resources and the relationships between them. It is used to represent a critical set of servers, network devices and storage devices.

Being a logical entity, you can group a certain set of network devices and servers of your choice under a Map View and also associate links between them., A map view can be used when a small number of network devices and servers that are otherwise spread across the globe are responsible for the performance and availability of a service. You may also create a sub map view within a map and display the same as a shortcut icon in a Map View.

Background images [global maps, etc.] can be used for the Map View using the available default images or, you may import your own background image. You may also create any number of Maps [and sub maps]. Any sub map is shown as a Shortcut icon in a Map View. You can customize your topology map palettes and map preferences in your own way.

You can view or create a Topology map view under My Dashboard -> Topology Map View. Refer the below diagram:

Relationship between Topology Map Views and Business Service Groups [BSGs]

Once you create a Map View, its BSG is created automatically and by default, and bears the same name as that of the map view. The BSG has all the network devices and servers of the map view. Since a BSG is created, a corresponding Networks business view is created with the network devices. Any changes done in the map view with respect to network device, storage device and servers in runtime is reflected in the BSG, and vice versa. [This is not applicable for Applications, Interfaces and VMs added / deleted / modified in the BSG]

Advantages of Topology Map View

  • It offers the benefit of centralized resource management.
  • It provides a real-time view and performance monitoring of all network devices, storage devices and servers on one or more networks.
  • Ease of construction and customization, as per your needs.
  • Any time modification of the map view, i.e. addition/deletion of new devices/links is easy.

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