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Service Catalog

There is a quote; "The medium of exchange for demonstrating IT effectiveness is a properly defined service catalog. Unless IT's services are defined, IT's contribution is implicit and difficult to measure." Also, with constant business demand for new services, IT must deliver and support an ever-increasing range of physical and virtual infrastructure. On the other side, resources are being constrained by tighter budgets. Hence, a strong need exists for a solitary solution that effectively manages this demand more effectively. With this perspective, providing a Service Catalog has emerged as one of the most proven vehicles to meet this challenge.

An IT service catalog, also called an IT service portfolio, is a list of available technology resources and offerings within an organization. It contains information about deliverables, prices, contact points and processes for requesting a service. Generally, a catalog has two views; a customer-facing view for business users, who can browse and select services and a technical view that documents exactly what is required to deliver each service in the catalog.

The Challenge

The challenges service delivery face, can appear just as daunting. A Service Catalog Management process with an actionable Service Catalog at its heart can address many common IT challenges such as...

  • Fall of Customer requests into a 'black hole'.
  • Excessive form-filling for the simplest of requests.
  • Delays in chasing requests.
  • Customers are not aware of the correct destinations for their service requirements, nor do they even know what's available.
  • Inefficient Service Delivery
  • Uncertain Expectations
  • Waiting for IT
  • Managing Demand
  • Doing More With Less

The service catalog feature in ManageEngine IT360`s HelpDesk module addresses the above concerns and enables end-to-end service lifecycle management in one application.

How We Make This Work for You?

With the Service Catalog of ManageEngine IT360, you can portrait the wide range of services offered by your IT department to the end-users. It also allows the services to be easily accessed, facilitating users to browse for services, submit requests for IT services and monitor their status.

Some of the most common day-to-day IT services required by the users are, installation, relocation, internet access, email access, provision of hardware, software and so on. These services are grouped under Service Categories that holds classified group of Service Items. You can Add Service Categories, configure Additional Fields and Service Level Agreements(SLAs) for the service requests and also configure Service Requests for the service categories. (Refer the below figure that portraits the Service Catalog Configuration Wizard)

All you can do from the above wizard is:

  • Raise a service request instantly. Just browse, select and submit your service request.
  • Define your 'catalog of services': Create a catalog of services for each of your accounts.
  • Group your services: When you have a number of services to offer, you can categorize the different services you offer into Service Categories. Users can look-up services under each service category.
  • Provide fine-grained control to services that you offer: You may wish to provide certain services only to a subset of users from an account. ServiceDesk Plus - MSP allows you to group users from each account based on department, job title, e-mail ID and sites.
  • Set Approvals & Escalations: Almost all service requests require an approval process to ensure that it fits the IT budget. ServiceDesk Plus - MSP allows you to configure the approvals and SLAs for each of your accounts.

Apart from above, you can also define Service Level Agreements for each service and ensure if the services are delivered as agreed.


  • Improved quality of service, thereby building stronger customer relationships.
  • Providing Single point of contact to meet customers' needs easily.
  • Clear and anticipated costs and delivery timescales.
  • Provide insight that helps you to allocate IT resources in a better way - both human and technical, thus enabling services to be provisioned in a rapid and effective fashion.
  • Helps to ensure that the IT services offered are closely aligned with critical business strategies, hence substantially contributing to the achievement of key corporate goals.
  • Reduce Support Costs
  • Boost IT Productivity

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