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Site-to-Site traffic monitoring

One of the most important things you, as a network administrator, should do is to monitor your network traffic. You have to know where the traffic is actually coming from and where it is going on your site. Traffic monitoring and analysis is essential in order to troubleshoot and resolve issues effectively whenever they occur, so as to not bring network services to a stand still for extended periods of time.

Network traffic can often be foreseen. Similarly, usage trends appear and disappear, performance bottlenecks can cost business critical services to go down. All these can have an abrupt impact on your user experience.. However, with the help of reliable network traffic monitoring tool, you can spot problems before they occur.

Real-time traffic accounting and monitoring between sites

IT360 comes with the Traffic module that provides an instantaneous traffic accounting and monitoring between user-defined sites, which are created based on IP Address or IP Network and can be used to analyze the traffic between various sites. IT360 monitors the WAN utilization to analyze the site based traffic.

Traffic Information Fetched using IT360

You can retrieve the below details, while monitoring sites over a particular network. These are the general statistics about network traffic that helps you to be proactive in understanding the usage pattern to avoid problems.

  • Traffic IN and OUT Traffic is shown based on volume, speed, utilization and number of packets for the IP Group and is classified on an IN and OUT basis.
  • Application Applications that came in or went out of the IP Group are shown and are classified the same way as Traffic IN and OUT.
  • Source Source of traffic originating from the IP Group is shown.
  • Destination Destination of network traffic reaching the IP Group is shown. For both Source and Destination, you can click on the IP Address and drill down to find the related conversations. Source Address drill down will show the IP Address to which traffic was sent and Destination Address drill down shows the IP Addresses from where traffic originated for the IP Group.
  • Conversation IN and OUT Same as of Traffic IN and OUT. All conversations which came into the IP Group will be classified as Conversation IN and conversations which went out of the IP Group is Conversation OUT.

You can view them from under "Networks -> Network Traffic" (Refer the below figure):

Traffic Monitoring Advantages

  • Network traffic collection, analysis helps prevent data breaches.
  • It yields much bigger benefits to the enterprise with less time and effort.
  • It helps Network managers determine where to apply QoS and optimize resource usage.
  • It plays a vital role in network security to detect Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks, network-propagated worms, and other undesirable network events.

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