Download Key Manager Plus 6.4

Important: The latest Key Manager Plus version is 6.4 (Build 6450). If you are using earlier versions, you need to apply upgradepack. See What's New in Key Manager Plus 6.4

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Version 6.4 (Build 6450)

Windows(sha256 value)

Key Manager Plus.exe 32-bite71f18fa563155d44ed796dd204521d2d90e752a30334a299f5fb9bc76e92217
Key Manager Plus.exe 64-bit74a62db4677abd9281608a6ce5bb1f8a6aa90bc46a5eb777934b9c247ef7055a
Linux(sha256 value)

Key Manager Plus.bin 32-bit8c4944a8a5a3372615953abb6784620283f27b615b6c1d3fbfa900e0989482ef
Key Manager Plus.bin 64-bit35f0f5ba7891108f00d0d4f94e435341006fa7313fcaea1fd2dcebee27b03090