Download Key Manager Plus 6.4

Important: The latest Key Manager Plus version is 6.4 (Build 6420). If you are using earlier versions, you need to apply upgradepack. See What's New in Key Manager Plus 6.4

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Version 6.4 (Build 6420)

Windows(sha256 value)

Key Manager Plus.exe 32-bit70d4dacbdb38c853be6415d97f433b5924df43b0d44250f9798250ad221a0472
Key Manager Plus.exe 64-bit33b71fb82aa2891905917baf7abf2c05d7774a066b529438b41836cd24ef5709
Linux(sha256 value)

Key Manager Plus.bin 32-bit170f3b716d288265bdc0ccf417309a56547c756fd702f7ecf84a3abac998642e
Key Manager Plus.bin 64-bit94f5be9338832e843875b2fe2e0c3a68a5324f1156185579fba371160abbaa65