Deploy Certificates to target web servers


Using Key Manager Plus, you can directly deploy selected certificates onto target servers. To deploy an SSL certificate to a target server,

Certificate deployment

Note :

  1. For deployment of certificates to Windows systems, MS Certificate Store and Internet Information Services (IIS), use your domain administrator account as Key Manager Plus' service logon account.
  2. If you are using a domain service account to run Key Manager Plus, make sure you have configured it in your local admin group beforehand.

Deploying certificates to Windows server


Deploying certificates to Linux server

Note :

  • Key based authentication option is available for single deployment type only.
  • The private key uploaded during key based authentication is for one-time use only and is not stored anywhere in the Key Manager Plus database. If you wish to add it to the Key Manager Plus repository, you can manually do so by using the Import option from the SSH tab.

Deploying certificates to MS Certificate store




Deploying certificates to Microsoft IIS server