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What is machine identity management?

Machine identity management is the consistent practice of orchestrating the life cycle of machine identities (such as SSH keys and SSL/TLS certificates) to authenticate communication between mission-critical devices (servers, load balancers, applications, etc.), thereby maintaining the data security and data integrity of your organization.

3 reasons why you need a
machine identity management strategy

  • Machine identity management

    Costly security breaches

    If attackers gain access to a server, it further allows them to exploit privileged access into deep networks, causing huge-scale threats to an organization's revenue and sensitive data.

  • ManageEngine - Machine identity management

    Ever-rising machine identities

    Manually keeping track of proliferating machine identities in spreadsheets can lead to missing a renewal or deployment, potentially hindering business continuity.

  • Key Manager Plus - Machine identity management

    Lack of complete visibility

    Untracked machine identities—be it an expired certificate or an orphaned SSH key—are always at risk; they can form gateways to unauthorized access, unexpected outages, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

6 ways Key Manager Plus streamlines your machine identity management

Comprehensive discovery

Key Manager Plus undergoes a thorough scanning process to leave no machine identity undetected. Key Manager Plus discovers every SSH key and SSL/TLS certificate from heterogeneous endpoints, and runs scheduled discovery processes to rediscover the updated machine identities.

Key Manager Plus - Machine identities
Key Manager Plus - Machine identity

Centralized management

A centralized system will help you to gain visibility over every machine identity that's owned by your organization. Key Manager Plus consolidates the discovered SSH keys and SSL/TLS certificates, and stores the details of each key and certificate (status, ownership, validity, and history) in their respective repositories.

Regulated access

While connecting with remote devices, Key Manager Plus applies multiple layers of security to ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive information in the remote machines. Easily set up organization-wide policies to regulate access and ensure secure communication between the server and the remote machine.

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus - Machine identity management

And more best practices...

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus - Machine identities

Prompt alerts on expiry

It's always the missed machine identity that causes outages. Key Manager Plus notifies you of the impending expiry of SSL/TLS certificates, domains, and PGP keys. It also keeps you updated on the presence of SHA-1 certificates and unrotated SSH keys.

Audit trail and reports

Keeping tabs on every machine identity will help you easily track down and mitigate security threats as soon as they arise. Key Manager Plus records each user activity performed and furnishes ready-to-download reports periodically.

ManageEngine Key Manager Plus - Machine identity
Machine identity management

A unified approach

For SSL/TLS certificates, Key Manager Plus facilitates the generation of certificate signing requests, signing, deployment, renewal, and revocation of certificates from trusted certificate authorities—all within a single platform, eliminating siloed management.

Deploy best-in-class practices to automate machine identity management

Overcome manual errors and leverage Key Manager Plus to secure your machine identities against any unforeseen security threats.

  • Rotation of SSH keys
  • Synchronization of wildcard certificates
  • Scanning for SSL vulnerabilities
  • Renewal of expiring SSL/TLS certificates
  • Disassociation of orphaned SSH keys
  • Deployment of renewed SSL/TLS certificates
Machine identity management

Fortify your machine identities with Key Manager Plus

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